Busy Body Medallion Quilt Along – 1st Border

Busy Body Medallion Quilt Along – 1st Border

Today we are working on our first border for the medallion quilt along- the Busy Body Quilt Along!

This border is a mix of 4 flower quilt blocks in the corners with a vine or stem and leaves in between.  Outside of that is a stop border.

For the flower blocks I did keep with one color for all the blocks– you don’t need to do this.  Feel free to mix up your flowers and have some fun!

If you are working with your scraps, just make sure you have the finished number of pieces required- combining multiple fabrics.

medallion quilt along busy body quilt

Let’s start with the flower quilt blocks.

Because the squares are being cut diagonally, it is exposing the bias edge- so make sure when you are stitching you don’t pull on those points.  Also watch that when you are pressing.  You might want to hold off on pressing until after the corner pieces are sewn together. They will be a little more stable that way.

Cut for flowers:
4 – 1 3/4” X 1 3/4”
8 – 4” X 4”
8 – 2 3/4” X 2 3/4”

16 – 1 3/4” X 3 1/2”
16 – 2” X 2”
8 – 2 3/4” X 2 3/4”

Flower Quilt Block Instructions:

1) Cut the 2 3/4” X 2 3/4” twice – diagonally from corner to corner. Each square will give you 4 pieces

flower quilt block 1
2) Match up one light triangle with a dark triangle and stitch together 16 pairs of EACH combination

flower quilt block 2

3) Sew one triangle set to either side of the 2” X 2” background squares
4) Cut the flower 4” X 4” squares in half diagonally – you will have 2 triangles per square
5) Sew one triangle to the piece from step 3

UPDATED: 6/24/2016

When you are stitching your triangles to the sides of the square, LINE up the TOP EDGE to the side.  Notice that the point is going off of the edge of the square.

*check your triangles to make sure that they are the same size.

flower 4

open and iron- notice that your point will be hanging off the edge-

flower 3

sew your second triangle section to the side of the squareflower 5

Sew the larger triangle to the new section.  Your points should be 1/4″ from the edge.  When you are stitching the blocks together, you will have perfect points.

flower 6

6) Sew 3 rows in this combination

7) Sew the rows together to finish with 4 flower blocks
Square up to 8” X 8”

flower block

Cut for stems and leaves:
26 – 3” X 2”
4 – 19” X 1 1/2”


Stems & Leaves Instructions:

1) Sew together the background 3” X 2” in between the leaf 3” X 2”
Repeat until you have 8 sets

stems and leaves templates 11

2) Sew the 4 1/2” X 2” background to one end of each set

stems and leaves templates 22

3) Trim these to 19”
4) Sew one set to either side of the long stem piece – it’s just fine if the leaves don’t line up to the opposite leaf! Could be fun to flip them and not have them line up at all.
5) Sew the background 19” strips to either side

stems and leaves templates 2

flower border quilt along

Stop border:
2 – 2” X 34”
2 – 2” X 36”

Border Instructions:

1) Sew one stem section to the top and bottom of the center block
2) Sew flower blocks to either end of the last two stem sections
3) Sew these sections to either side of the center block
4) Sew the stop borders to the sides and top and bottom of the center block

quilt along medallion step 2

If you are sewing along and would like to help spread the word– here are some blog buttons you can post and share on your site.

link the following blog buttons to:

busy body quilt along 150

(150px wide)

busy body quilt along 350

(350px wide)

busy body quilt along 450

(450px wide)

Skill level: Beginner – Confident Beginner. I really am kind of a lazy stitcher.  I’m not a huge fan of difficult or brain thinking quilt blocks, so for the most part they are simple and a great place to start. Because of the community atmosphere, you are able to get help if you are stuck, ask questions and share a hint.

Technique: There are a few paper piecing blocks, but mostly their is patchwork.  The blocks aren’t too difficult- that is why the beginner skill level.

Price: free!

Pattern Format: blog post format.  You have the option of using the print option at the bottom of the post if you would like a paper version of it.


Materials List

May 2 – Center Block

June 5 – Flower and Stem Border

July 3 – Flying geese and Scrappy Border

August 7 – 1st border block

September 4 – 2nd border block

October 2 – Final Layout

November 6 – Quilting & Binding Chat

If you are sewing along- make sure you post your progress in the quilting fb group.  Can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Dee

    8 June

    All done! (well almost – I still have the last border but until I can get in the loft and dig through my stash that will have to wait!!)

  2. Lynne

    12 June

    Hi there!
    just joined up and wondering if I will get the 1st 2 parts by email?
    Looking forward to starting!

  3. HelenD

    14 June

    Glad I found your site, just starting out with embroidery and lot to learn. Some great ideas here, thanks.

  4. Pamela Hoscheit

    28 September

    I didn’t have time to sew along with this quilt. When do you think the next one will start?

  5. Becky

    6 October

    The next year we’ll have a new one. 🙂

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