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Using Pinterest As Your Quilting Inspiration

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Let’s talk about Pinterest. There are so many ways to use it to your benefit. Have you tried using Pinterest as your quilting inspiration

Quilting Inspiration….

There are a lot of resources out there for keeping track of inspiration and tutorials and everything else pretty!

One is Pinterest.

Today I thought I would share how I use Pinterest and how you can as well.

How to use Pinterest as your Quilting inspiration journal~

Here’s a quick review of what I cover in the video:

  • sign up for pinterest —account is free!
  • make boards that refer to a specific interest.  Don’t be afraid to break things down —like quilting- patterns, or quilting- machine quilting, or quilting- applique or sewing- bags, or sewing- pillows.  You get the idea.  Keep things broad or narrow depending on how you are wanting to keep organized.
  • how you set up now isn’t set into stone. You’ll be able to move pins, or images around.  So don’t get stuck on what it looks like right now. Just begin. You’ll find a rhythm once you get going.
  • secret boards- these are boards you don’t want the public can see.  Great way to use them is for Christmas gift or present ideas, or special projects you are working on and aren’t ready to share info about

Here’s a quick look at a few boards~

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how to use pinterest as a quilting inspiration journal full of tutorials, images, ideas and more!

How do you use Pinterest?


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