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Turkey Tracks Mystery Quilt Along – Reveal

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Today is reveal day!!

Your blocks and steps that you have been sharing are so wonderful!

What a lovely collection of blocks, fabric and ‘themes’ for your quilts!  So surprised at how many are sewing along and how your quilts are turning out!

Thank you for sewing along.

Today we will be working on putting the whole quilt top together.

We have most of the parts done….we just need to join them all together, and show off a little bit of a surprise as well.

You will need to cut a few more pieces before we begin:

2 2 X 43
2 2 X 47

Piano Keys:
4 5 x 5 corners- green

Turkey Tracks Mystery Quilt Along Center Instructions:

1- Sew the 9 blocks together in rows of 3 for the center of the quilt

2- Sew your first border on the sides of the quilt top

3- Sew the corners to both sides of 2 piano keys strips
4- Sew your piano keys border on the sides of the quilt top

Did you notice what has happened to the blocks?

Since they are side by side, they join up to make a star!

It’s so much fun to see a secondary pattern emerge, isn’t it?!

Quick look at how I quilted it—

I’m so not a pro, but working on using rulers in my quilting.  It has helped a lot and I’m excited in how they are turning out.

Yes, my little circles in the dark borders aren’t quite centered…. will try a little harder next time to get this right!

I chose a grid pattern in the sashing, line quilting in the blocks and a meander to fill in space. The outer border has a feather design.

Here is the original Turkey Tracks Quilt:

turkey tracks lap quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #quilt #freepattern

I hope your Turkey Tracks Mystery quilt has turned out great!  I really am excited for you to share them with me!

To show off your blocks– join the Quilting 101 fb group here.

Can’t wait to see your blocks!

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Are you missing some of the steps? You’ll find all the info for the mystery quilt along here.


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