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How to Wall Basting

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The other day while browsing through Instagram I hit something that I had never thought about or heard or seen!  What? Haven’t I tried it all – I thought to myself?

Apparently not.

Wall Basting.  I am pretty sure this would be awesome for those of us who don’t enjoy being in the crouching position for a long time, straightening and pinning.

Basting is the process for putting your quilt sandwich together- the backing, batting and the quilt top.  At some point these three parts will need to be layered together to make one piece that can then be quilted.  Either by hand or machine.

How to Wall Basting~

For wall basting I tack the quilt backing to the wall (only because this wall already looked like poop because the previous owner had no clue how to drywall and one day we will fix it). You can use painters tape instead. But get your backing good and taught and super secure so it can handle the weight. Then stick your batting up.

Cotton clings well on its own, this wool or cotton/poly not as well so I will safety pin at the top of the backing so it doesn’t fall on me. And after the batting is all smooth and hugging the backing I trim the excess and put up the quilt top. Again safety pin at top to hold weight and spread it out smooth over the batting. Then I go crazy pinning.

Be careful not to gouge the wall but things should stick together well enough you grab all 3 layers without trying too hard. I’ve spray basted this way as well and I still like to at least get the top secured by pins then I left the batting it quilt top and do sections across at a time working down. But it’s a sticky mess and expensive so I moved to pins. I can’t imagine pin basting on carpet but I don’t really have very good floor space anyway.

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wall basting

Here is another tutorial using spray basting from Southern Charm Quilt

spray basting

Have you ever tried this method? I am interested in how it turned out and if you use it all the time?


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