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You ready to stop losing sewing time googling your quilt questions?

Answers to your quilting questions at your fingertips
giving you more time sewing & finishing!

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Here's what you'll get inside the Quilters Cheat Sheets:

Pre cuts & inches to yardage

Know how many charm packs, layer cakes etc you'll need for a quilt top. Plus, how many inches equal in yardage - great for scrappy quilts

straight block setting & quilting terms

Quick quilts can be made with straight blocks- you'll know exactly how many, what size and the finished quilt size. You'll know them all and what they mean or represent. No more guessing and googling trying to read a pattern

quilt top sizes and yardage amounts

Buy what you need for your quilts. You'll know yardage amounts needed plus the sizes of quilt tops, ranging from baby to king. This will help you figure out yardage for binding as well

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plus - a fun extra bonus for signing up!

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resource library

Get Additional FREE access to even more inside the Quilters Resource Library. Free ebooks, tutorials and resources to keep you sewing!

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Quilters Cheat Sheets

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