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Join me December 3rd for the Plan & Review DAY!

Stop missing out on activities & learning new quilting things!

Working along side you, we’ll review your year – celebrate those wins!!! 

Plan your upcoming activities, BOM’s, classes and whatever else!!

You’ll find that not all was lost this year, that there were some BIG wins for you!!

Set up your calendar, classes & explore what opportunities you have to sew more this coming year. 

Hi - I'm your host Becky..

I’m a 3rd generation quilter turned pattern designer and quilting community owner.

I’m going to be helping you take credit and realize how much you have done! In the quilting world, we tend to discount how much we have finished, given away, donated, learned and explore during the year. 

It’s time to review our year and celebrate what we have done! I bet it’s more than you think. 

Join me as we go on this journey together, take some time to pat ourselves on the back and get excited about what’s coming up. 

What to expect

* 1pm start time on fb

*Prompts and conversation by me for reviewing the year, starting all the way back in January

*A look ahead and planning the upcoming year including your quilt classes, retreats, swaps and whatever else

*Reveal of the 2022 BOM and additional activities you can join me and participate in throughout the upcoming year

What you'll need

Once on the list, you'll get access to the free pdf for the event

Download and print the pdf’s – bring them along with you when you join us on December 3rd at 1pm *time is MST based 

You simply need to just show up and participate with us!

Super simple & of course fun!

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