Velvet Couches and Pillow Case Dolls

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To start off let me show off what I came home with the other night—

Oh yeah.  a velvet blue striped couch….one with a bit of wood character to satisfy the honey and one with spunk to satisfy me.  After a good washing and waxing this sweet little gal will be taken to the new home!   Still working on it– of course. No updates, except it does smell a little less wee-wee-ish now. Thanks for the hints and help.

We seem to be attracted to horrible homes that need love and fixing.  {it's like bad boyfriends or something}

As if you couldn't tell I am on a doll kick— I went to the thrift store and picked up a cute crochet edged embroidered pillow case and brought it home.

I thought to myself that I would love to make a doll out of an old heirloom pillowcase…… I of course looked around the internet to find something and they were all like— grab a bunch of pillowcase and tie together for an arm.  That is not the style I was after.  I wanted to showcase the wonderful handwork and stitchery that was done on the pillowcase itself. 

So, after a few sketches and a bit of fiddleing around I made myself my first pillowcase doll~



I am truly in love with her.  Her simplicity. Her beautiful embroidery and crochet that I didn't do– but she gets to show it off.  I debated on a face and ended up with none.  I like her like this.

She seriously is an easy pattern for beginners and doll makers.  

Her pattern is not quite done yet– will be shortly though!