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Grab my complete set of videos training, journal and tracking sheets to help you ditch the overwhelm and organize your projects.

Finally tackle your projects, piles and actually…

get back to sewing.

Take back your sewing table

Control the overwhelm of projects

Make your own kits

Finish that quilt

Journal all about it

Normally $̶2̶9̶.̶0̶0̶   – Now Just $19.99


Sewing doesn’t happen as often as you’d like because you have projects everywhere, not sure what step is next and it’s easier to just start a new quilt then figure it out. 

Every time you need to work on a quilt,  you are digging around trying to find the right fabric that you bought awhile back.  Or maybe you’ve accidentally used the fabric for one quilt on another and now you’re stuck.  

Do you wish that you could go to your sewing room and feel happy and just sew?  

you are totally not alone….

Hi! I'm Becky.
I want to show you how to organize your projects and help you happily sew every day.

I’m a 3rd generation quilter turned pattern designer and quilting community owner.

I loved quilting.  But I was so overwhelmed by all of my projects I was working on, that I actually stopped sewing.  

It’s not like I didn’t know how to sew. It was the exact opposite. I’m a speedy quilter and piecer. But I was horrible at organizing. My sewing room was a disaster. 

Once I started using this planner I started sewing!  And the best part is I LOVE quilting again!

It allows anyone, whether you’re a long time quilter or beginner, to spend more time at the sewing machine and less time shifting piles, digging through drawers trying to find that that fabric you specifically bought for binding or that pattern that you needed to sew for a baby shower coming up!

Focus on the sewing time instead of wondering what’s next.

If you’re like most quilters I talk to, chances are you …

in addition to….

the guilt of not finishing that quilt for a special occasion

wasted money on repeat purchases

taking time off from sewing anything because you just ‘don’t feel like it’


I just started my classes, but I can already tell it is going to help me so much! Becky gives detailed information and points out what needs to be done. She is an easy teacher to follow and I appreciate that because sometimes I just don't understand what I am hearing. That will not be a problem for me with these classes.


This class covers a broad range of things to do that will help anyone to stay on track with their quilting. The Patchwork Planner & the Quilter's Personal Planner are downloadable pdf's you will use over & over, and there are videos to help you see just how they can help you stay on track. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is quilting.


Love my journal. I started tracking my quilts and it has already come in handy because I ran out of fabric and without the journal I never would have remembered where the fabric came from or it’s name.


I purchased the patchwork planner, I love it. A place to keep track of all the quilts you are working on or finished.


You’ll get tracking sheets, support & organizing how to’s, so you can take your piles and chaos to organized and projects moving forward.

What’s Included

  • The Patchwork Planner & Journal– pdf
  • Quilter’s Personal Planner – pdf
  • 5 Video Series all about the different sections of the planner & how to use them
  • 2 additional versions of the Patchwork Planner & Journal : Modern & Calico – pdf
  • Bonus class all about making and attaching labels to your quilts
  • Bonus Quilters Cheat Sheets

What others are saying...

this journal is what I've looked for for quite awhile, I am awful at keeping track of the names of quilts, the fabrics I've use, when I made them and who I gave them to, so this will be a great place for me to start.


I like being able to print extra pages of the ones I use the most and I a like the three ring binder aspect, so I can arrange according to my own process.


Love that it helps me be a bit more organized with projects and programs for 2 quilt guilds, plus my own project to

C Moser

I love that you have a place to put all the information on the Quilts I’m working on in one place.


I'm kind of new to quilting, so this gives me hints.


There are sooo many ways to get organized!


Normally $̶2̶9̶.̶0̶0̶   – Now Just $19.99

Plan and organize your projects
Get to sewing sooner and finishing more!

Downloadable pdf's

Print what you'll use

Videos on demand

Personalize your binder


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