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Want help tackling those piles of projects?

As a thank you for signing up for the Quilters Cheat Sheets, for the next 20 minutes, you can get an awesome discount on the Orphan Project Challenge!

Packed with tracking sheets, support & organizing how to’s this 3 week challenge takes your from piles and chaos to organized and projects moving forward.

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Stop buying new fabric & patterns…..

it’s time to stop the guilt of ‘collecting more quilt stuff’ and get working on those projects again

Here's what you'll get

Week 1

We’ll review our WIP or Orphan projects, learn what they are and how many you are dealing with & come up with our sewing plans.

Week 3

You’ll learn how to keep your tracking system going, continue your sewing mojo and momentum.

Week 2

You’ll learn how to use those leftover quilt blocks from previous projects that have no home. We’ll also be helping you organize your projects and eliminate those piles.


there will be weekly check in’s as well as giveaways you can enter as you begin to make progress on those projects again!

Project Planning and Organization How To’s – this is the challenge that will change your sewing room and transform your projects from incomplete to finished.

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Quilt Block Project eBook

Over 30 fun and easy projects that use up your pile of leftover quilt blocks. 

With this ebook, you’ll be able to use your lost and forgotten quilt blocks and make them into something that’s finished! 

No more leftover blocks! They now have a purpose and can be used.  No more guilt for ‘wasting’ good fabric or ‘mistake blocks’. 

These projects take them from an ever growing pile to finished and loved in a new way. 

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What others are saying...

"I enjoyed the challenge and I have completed many of the projects on my list and some others I forgot to list. I took some time out to really organize my fabric and I am still working on cutting down my scraps and organizing them."
"It was a great activity to motivate me to complete projects."
"Really like the eBook, the format is great-reminds me of online college courses that I have taken, enjoyed seeing everyone's projects at the end. During the challenge I was able to organize my space instead of finishing anything, lol, but since then my quilting productivity has taken off. thank you!"


The day you sign up! You’ll have access to all files and the challenge from the purchase date.

The challenge is in an online classroom, you’ll get login info after sign up.  All files, videos and activities are inside the classroom.

While not required, we do offer a private fb group for challenge members. 

Take back your sewing space, conquer your projects and keep them organized!

Your piles of projects & fabrics are big enough! 

You’ve spent enough money and time on them already

– start sewing on what you already have.

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(regular price $29.99)