Three’s Company BOM 2018 – Block 6

Three’s Company BOM 2018 – Block 6


  • download the file
  • sew your 3 small blocks
  • sew small blocks into large setting block
  • share it in the facebook group

This months download includes: instructions for the 3 small blocks and the setting instructions for the large block



To help keep you up on the sewing per month, deciding your fabric placement and tracking what you’ve sewn, I’ve put together a collection of pages for you to use during the quilt along.

Download the materials list, cutting instructions & tracking sheets here  (always free)

Block 4 2018 BOM Three's Company


It features 9 quilt blocks….but within each block there are 3 blocks. So they will take just a little bit longer to sew- so we will be sewing them together on a monthly schedule.

It’s at a pace that you should be able to keep up on.  There are 3 smaller blocks inside each block, but they are the same– so you’ll be repeat sewing or you can sew them in a chain sort of way to save on time.

The blocks are all set the same as well, so again, while the blocks are bigger- they are manageable to sew on a monthly basis.


I’ll be announcing each month in each of those places!


For all posts in this series, visit the quilt along here.

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  1. Linda

    27 June

    Download link says……………This preview link has expired
    Please contact the store owner for a new link.

  2. Rita Grieve

    27 June

    i also get the same message about the link having expired.

  3. Hilachas

    27 June

    Ditto. Can’t download the new block.

  4. Kellie Campbell-Mulkey

    27 June

    I’m having the same problem. Please get it fixed. Thanks. Kellie

  5. Priscilla Blakely

    27 June

    Download link says……………This preview link has expired
    Please contact the store owner for a new link.

  6. Donna Dee

    27 June

    Please send a new download link. I’m excited to get busy on block #6! Thanks

  7. Ellie

    27 June

    Same problem–unable to download

  8. Gilly

    28 June

    me too, it says the link has expired and to contact the shop owner. Please can you help?

  9. Debbie Gruenbacher

    28 June

    Unable to access due to link nonworking. Please send out another email when available to us.
    Thanks in advance for ALL your hard work to make this project go for us!

  10. Juliet Burgess

    28 June

    Same mesage… no access. This website is most confusing to access anything!

  11. Gail

    28 June

    I believe the designer is out of town. Let’s be patient and I am sure the problem will be corrected when she is back.

  12. Deb/John Gosen

    30 June

    Hi Becky….I am not finding the correct link to download the new threes company block #6… says the link has expired and to contact the shop owner. This is getting harder every month to find and download….but Ive got the others finished I hate to quit now but this is SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I’m hoping you can help! thanks!

  13. Rhonda

    1 July

    Has anyone received response or link to download?

  14. Barbara

    1 July

    I am having the same problem unable to download block 6…..

  15. Tricia Selbie

    2 July

    I’m looking for block 6 to download!! Site keeps telling me it has expired I’ve been trying since last Wednesday to download. Please explain.
    Same thing happened last month so I just gave up on it.

  16. Amy

    2 July

    Site continues to say link has expired. Was looking forward to completing the block this week. Please send a new email out when link is fixed and extend the time period for the free download. Thanks

  17. Amy

    2 July

    Hi everyone,
    Thought I would share how I accessed the block by bypassing the link. Your click path is Shop (at the top of the website) once on that page just scroll down to “grab latest block” (big red button). From there you will follow the typical directions to receive your free PDF. Hope this helps

  18. Karen

    2 July

    @Amy…thanks much! Worked for me.

  19. Becky

    5 July

    link has been updated! So sorry about that. is where you can find all the blocks for the quilt along.

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