The First Quilted Quilt of the Year

Sadly enough it isn't mine– but I'll still count it. ok?

Getting that darn table into place was the biggest pain! No instructions. Going off of memory that is 4 months old on how it really was. After that though……good to get something quilted.  A few hickups, but nothing worth crying over.

Take a look:

A few Close Ups~

This quilt was a bit past my comfort zone.  Wasn't really expecting to see a landscape! Queen size too!  But i kept to simple quilting.  Swirls in the sky, lines in the land, grass pokies, tree trunk swirls and lots of pebbles in the rock. 

For being my first massive landscape quilting I like it.  Don't you? Please?

I have 3 more on the docket….. So far it looks like others will be ticking off their quilts for the year list.

Me.  No such luck.