Spring Cleaning the Sewing Studio

I decided last week that I would focus on digging out the piles of Winter that were stacked in the sewing cottage.  During the winter I hauled things into the house….then hauled it back out.  I didn't put it back though so I opened the door and this is what I was greeted with:

sewing studio

sewing studio

What a disasiser! Who did this?!

After hauling it out again– to the lawn this time for sorting…. I got thinking. {dangerous} Hey- take a look at the whole center of the sewing studio– it's big and it is not being used to it's potential!

I drew up a few options….forced the honey outside to give opinions….and then he offered the work table. It had been sitting outside with a tarp on it all winter….with no place to go.  I have been using a folding table, but the leg supports get in the way of storage underneath and really it's easier to store than the big lunky thing in the backyard. 

I decided to put the table in and shoot it off of the wall, jutting right into the big empty space in the middle. 

sewing studio

I put a new shelf behind my sewing table and shoved that to the corner behind the door….but really now I can pivot my chair and turn right behind me to the cutting area {where i have a ton of work space now!} .  I left my rolling cart in there with the ironing board on it.  I can still roll it around where I need it. Do you see it just on the other side of the cutting board? 

There is plenty of walkway behind the new table to use the quilting banche machine and access the fabric stored on the shelves.

sewing studio

As you can see I still need to refill the shelves properly….and refold a lot of fabric that just doesn't allow the drawers to close anymore!

This week I am joining in a on a Stash Buster Sale on The Sewing Loft….. some crazy fabric, notion, book and pattern hoarders will be sorting through and listing FOR SALE!!

I have a few kits for a new plushie- Sage.  She is a chocolate polka dot velvet kitty cat…..yeah. I'm in love. 🙂

sagebundle2 sagekitcollage

extra bits that we no longer can have hanging around any more.  You will find a wonderful variety and some awesome prizes.  Happy Shopping!

I am planning on doing a few posts on Spring Cleaning your Sewing Studio— do you have any suggestions or topics that you would like covered? What kind of storage inspiration do you need?


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