Spring Clean Your Studio – Blog Hop

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Quick note on the schedule and where you’ll find some fun Spring Clean studios!!

This series was put together to help us get through our stash, piles, and overwhelm. Time to get working on sewing and not searching!

If you are interested in more Spring Clean ideas- check out the Organize your Sewing Room series here.

April 1
Sam Hunter  https://www.huntersdesignstudio.com/blog
April 2
Marian Pena  https://www.seamstobesew.com – Your stop today on the hop.
April 3
Jennifer Fulton  http://www.inquiringquilter.com/questions
April 4
Martha Wolf  http://Www.pinwheelprodns.com
April 5
Jennifer Strauser  http://www.dizzyquilter.com
April 6
Steph Carton  http://www.theelimonster.com/blog
April 7
Simone Fisher  http://www.simonequilts.com/blog
April 8
Kate Colleran  http://www.seamslikeadream.com
April 9
Carlina Moore  http://www.alwaysexpectmoore.com
April 10
Jen Frost  http://www.faithandfabricdesign.com/blog
April 11
Leanne Parsons  http://www.devotedquilter.com
April 12
Becca Fenstermaker  http://www.prettypiney.com/blog
April 13
Sarah Myers  http://www.quilted-diary.com
April 14
Mitzi Redd  http://www.reddhomestead.com
April 15
Jeanette Larson  http://www.Jenonthefarm.com
April 16
Camille Ainsworth  http://www.stitchinthenw.com
April 17
Becky Jorgensen  https://www.patchworkposse.com
April 18
Bobbie Gentili  http://www.geekybobbin.com/category/blog
April 19
Janellea Macbeth  http://www.janelleamacbeth.com/blog/
April 20
Lisa Ruble  http://lovetocolormyworld.blogspot.com
April 21
Debra Davis  http://www.tuning-my-heart.com/blog
April 22
Rona Herman  http://www.Ronatheribbiter.com
April 23
Sue Griffiths  http://www.duckcreekmountainquilting.com
April 24
Sarah Ruiz- http://www.saroy.net/
April 25
Jessica Caldwell  http://www.desertbloomquilting.com/
April 26
Tammy Silvers  http://tamarinis.typepad.com
April 27
Ebony Love  http://www.lovebugstudios.com/blog
April 28
Cheryl Sleboda  http://blog.muppin.com

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