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Quilty Box – how it works and what I love

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Quilty Box and why I think you’d love it.

There are a few things in life that I love….one being surprises.  That come in a box.

Are you like that too?

There is something about picking up a package off of the porch and being so excited to open it up.  You know it’s going to be good stuff.

The surprise isn’t going to disappoint you.

Every month you can’t wait for it.

what's inside the quilt box subscription box.  each month is something new and sooo useful!

This is how it is with Quilty Box.

They are a company that I ran into a few years ago while at quilt market and they are delightful.  So full of info and are excited about their company, the designers they partner with and the packages they put together.

I bet it’s kind of fun working there knowing what’s in the box, seeing it….and putting it all together.  Plus, they get to send off little surprise boxes every month! What is not to love about that?!

During the holidays we are sewing up a storm.usually it’s not for us though.  I just finished a quilt for someone and 4 others are in the line next!  Not for me!

We are busy making and adding finishing touches to the best handmade gift for someone else.

I don’t know about you, but this is how I feel by the end— I get a little lost. I am not so inspired. The machine is tired, I’m tired. When looking around for a new project I’m at a loss. Not sure where to start.

There are a few other monthly subscriptions out there, but to be honest this is the only one I’ve tried…so far.  I didn’t check out the quilty box reviews- I just jumped right in and committed to it. (after knowing them and talking to others who have also subscribed – I knew it would be ok.)

It’s something you can pick up right now and the next month it is delivered right to you.

It comes to you in a box that is filled with the perfect collection to get your creativity ramped back up.

No thinking, driving, picking, shopping is needed. Most of the time I forget it’s coming and it’s a much needed surprise when it does.

To make it even better- Right now you can even use the code GETQUILTY for a $10 discount!

Quilting Inspiration Delivered Monthly
Packed with premium fabric, supplies and projects, each month’s Quilty Box is curated with the top designers, bloggers and artists from around the world.

I can totally go for that can’t you?!

If it’s time for a little bit of surprise and inspiration just for you check them out and sign up for the next box– (plus Christmas is coming- it’s the perfect gift for yourself or someone else!)

Quilty Box - a quilty subscription that arrives monthly full of inspiration and supplies to get you sewing. I love mine! Perfect after sewing for everyone else. I get a nice surprise in the mail and then just get to play with it!

Make sure you use the coupon code for your $10 off for your first order!

Let me tell you all about my experience.

I picked up the December package….. but thinking the January one would have been better because I would have time to play with the goodies!

They kept me in the loop as to the arrival date.  I got an email letting me know it had been shipped…and then it was all up to me.

Quilty Box - great subscription!!  The boxes are full of goodies and is a surprise every month.  Love the variety and contents each time.

Check out what I found in my Quilty Subscription:

 I snapped a picture just after opening it up.  Wrapped in the tissue paper, you can’t see what’s inside, but you get the card on the top letting you know all about what’s in your box.

Love this!  A quick explain of what’s there and who it’s from. Usually it’s related to the designer as well.

Everything in the box is awesome- so happy.  I think though what I’m kind of the most excited about is the bobbin nests.  I’ve use the tamers before….but seriously- this is going to be awesome.  Thinking I will actually not mind winding them from now on!

And that funny thing on the top left is a finger pincushion!!! Whoop whoop.  I totally need one of these. Was looking for one just the other day.

This is the box from a second month— inside was found: the Quilter’s Planner mini book, Lemonade Quilt pattern, jelly roll– super cute pink and yellow! bobbini -this holds your bobbins to the top of your spools!!!, Beautiful seam ripper by opun and another quilt pattern by quilt theory.

my month of quilty box - love this month's content!  Can't wait to get sewing and planning with the mini planner.

So- that’s in my box….and of course next month’s box has just been paid for….excited to get the one too!

If you are looking at a monthly subscription that is filled with a few goodies to make you happy and give you something to sew, this is it.

Check out the different subscriptions they offer here!

Let me quickly explain what how the Quilty Box works-

1. CHOOSE YOUR PLAN — you can pick up 1, 3, 6 or 12 month plans. The longer you subscribe to the lower the cost of the box..yay!
2. ARRIVAL! Using the fabric and supplies, start creating!
It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Just in case you are wondering– you can change your account anytime. Don’t stress about it- when you purchase the box you are making an account. There you can update your preferences and choose how many months you’ll get. (the more you sign up for, the lower the price!)

When does it arrive? They ship out the 11th of the month. Plan your sewing day around that!

What does it include? It’s a little bit of a mystery– This is the fun part of it! Every month they feature a designer, blogger or artist from around the world. They get to pick the pattern (usually theirs), fabric bundles, supplies and possibly rulers that are needed.

But, if you are like me and kind of want to ‘test’ it out just a little bit before you jump right into a full year. You can get just one month.

But be warned I think you’ll really like it and will want to pick up the 3 month to get a better feel about what it’s really all about.

it’s loaded with new quilt supplies
a super talented designer is the curator of the box
everything inside makes sense and works together
it arrives on your doorstep – no travel required

I have sure enjoyed the box and look forward to its arrival– I’m sure you will too!

It will free up your time – no shopping, traveling, deciding, staring at supplies, and questioning your next project.

Open it up– get it started. Perfect!

 Quilty Box - great subscription!!  The boxes are full of goodies and is a surprise every month.  Love the variety and contents each time.

Have you subscribed?  Do you have a favorite monthly subscription that you love? What is it?

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