year in review printable | PatchworkPosse #yearinreview #freeprintable #sewing What have you finished this year?
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Quilting Year in Review Printable

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It’s been a crazy year around here. Lot’s of things going on…learning, reading, testing, new techniques, etc.  And, I’m only talking about sewing and quilting!

I thought it would be fun to kind of put together a little end of the year review for what I’ve learned, tried, given and made to keep.

I mean, there are little year in review printables for kids……things like that. Why not have one for sewing and quilting?!  We do a lot and the older I get the less I remember.

To make it fun and not so much a chore, I have designed a super cute (I think) printable.  You can download it, fill in the information and repeat for any other year that you missed.

How about printing off a few and handing them around in your sewing or quilting group.  These would be fun to do for the evening group get together.  Some might have to think harder than others.  You might even find out that you did more than you really gave yourself credit for, or just the opposite, that it’s time you give yourself more creative and sewing time during the week- so you can do more.

year in review printable | PatchworkPosse #yearinreview #freeprintable #sewing What have you finished this year?

Download the pdf file for this project from my free resource library.

Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

Here are some ideas of what to fill the boxes in with—

  • what techniques did you try this year?
  • how many quilts or other projects did you finish?
  • what projects were given away? to whom?
  • what would you like to work on next year?
  • what are a few tips that you picked up that helped you out a lot this year?
  • what is your favorite pattern from the year?
  • did you do a sew along?
  • what did you do in your local quilt group that you loved?
  • did you visit a quilt show?
  • favorite notions of the year-

The spaces are purposefully blank– so the filling in and topic is up to you.  You can add it in a list style, blab on and on…like I’m doing now, draw a picture if you are so inclined, staple fabric, picture, color in between the lines.

This is 100% yours and up to you on how you fill it out and make it your own.

What will you be filling it in with?

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