Quilters Personal Journal

During these stressful and unsettling times, this Personal Journal will help you reflect on your days, find encouragement and celebrate your progress. Allowing you to find your happy sewing place again.

during difficult times, the quilters personal journal allows you to record

daily intentions

Start every day with an intention and end with reflection.

track your projects

Track the progress of your projects. No matter how small, everything is important

plan for tomorrow

After your review, make notes of actions you'll take tomorrow

days at home

Mark off the days you have spent home during this Covid time

feeling & emotions

Journal your daily feeling and emotions. You'll realize what actions you take help you be positive.

changes to routine

Keep track of your routines, what's working, not working and what you've done to adjust to the new normal.

Accomplished list

Make note of what you have accomplished for the day, week or time spent at home

feed my soul

Make note of what is working in your schedule, life and how you are taking time to feed your soul

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Celebrate your progress,  allowing you to find your happy sewing place again..