4 steps to sewing practically perfect quilt blocks,
without a sewing room full of expensive tools.

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Practically Perfect Piecing 2
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Hi, I'm Becky

I’m founder and pattern designer at Patchwork Posse.

Since the beginning of my quilting journey I have picked up a few very important tips for quilting that will make every block, row and quilt looks beautiful. 

After messing blocks up, wasting lots of fabric, watching countless hours of youtube videos, chatting with other quilters and learning all I could – I have found that there are 4 steps every quilter should know for practically perfect piecing. 

You get to find out these 4 things hopefully before you waste any more fabric or precious sewing time. 

I’ll also be sharing how having quilting friends and a community where you can get support is one step that’s just as important as these 4. 

Who is this for...

  • Any quilter who is frustrated with how their blocks are turning out 
  • Any quilter who continues to cut off points, find puckers or is just overall frustrated 
  • Any quilter who collects quilt blocks because they just don’t look good
  • Any quilter who is afraid of showing off their quilts because their piecing isn’t perfect

Feel confident in your quilting, knowing that what you have is exactly what you need - not the fancy rulers, notions, sewing machines.

It is so nice to have a group of ladies who dream in quilts like I do. Sharing frustrations, looking for suggestions, and celebrating success is so much better when someone else is there to share it with!
Practically Perfect Piecing 2
Past Workshop Attendee