Patchwork Planner and Journal

Do you have those moments in your life when you kind of look around and think….. I really should.

I really should do that.   Talk yourself out of it.

I really should do this.   Don’t remember, for like forever.

This was kind of that kind of moment.  When things around you are bustling and something that has been in your mind for a long time….. and I mean a long time.   Probably a couple of years, keeps catching up to my forgetful mind.

This time I listened.  I took the time to figure the steps out, find a little direction and guidance and put it together.

Meet –

the Patchwork Planner & Journal
Patchwork Planner - Cover

sniff, sniff.  I’m so proud of myself.

No really.  To stay focused for me is kind of asking a lot.  I’m so happy with the results and how this has become such a great resource that I know you will love.

During the years as a blogger I have shared printables here and there.  They aren’t very consistent in layout or design, but they have gotten the job done and I have totally enjoyed putting them out there and getting positive feedback.

After writing a list longer than long, I came up with around 30 different pages, in 5 different categories.

planner and journal slider 1

The Patchwork Planner and Journal includes:

The quilt journal pages – write down that important info about your projects.  It’s all about sharing the backstory of your project.
Be your own designer – explore a little creativity with a 9 patch and 16 patch blocks.  Design your own layout, track sizes, supplies and notes.
Tracking and progress – keep up on your swaps, orphan projects, quilt alongs, guild projects and more.  Know what you are working on and the step you are on.
Keeping organized – don’t buy that ruler until you remind yourself what you already have! Organize your fabric swatches, cut pieces and quilt kits.
Additional Resources – keep it all together in a binder – print and use for your dividers and cover.
about the planner
*if you are a member of the quilt group this is coming to you for free!  Not a member? Sign up here!
Besides the layout and pages included I think one of the most exciting parts of it— you can EITHER type on your computer in the editable areas of the forms and then print (for those of you who don’t have the loveliest handwriting or have a hard time fitting in all the words) OR you can print and then use your beautiful penmanship you learned in school to fill in the spots.
And- It’s black and white.  Which yes, is a little plain, however– it will save on ink and this will give you an opportunity to color the little quilt blocks, notions and wherever else you’d like to customize it.  So fun!
Plus— you can print off as many pages as you’d like!!!  Make a mistake.  Reprint.  Need 10 journaling pages or you have more orphan projects then everyone in your state, print what you need.
You will be downloading the file to your computer.  You’ll have access….forever.  Put them in a binder to keep them a little more organized.  So many options!

Head on over to

Before going though— write this down:   planner3

That’s a coupon code for $5.00 off the purchase price!!!  It’s good until the 20th of May.  But really, you should use it now.

Here’s a demo on how it works- kind of long, you can skip around, but this way you can see most of the pages and the style of it.

*if you are a member of the quilt group this is coming to you for free!  Not a member? Sign up here!

Do you use a quilt journal or planner?  What’s your favorite page?


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  1. Jill Chiles

    5 May

    Love it Becky! Hope to see you and this cute planner at guild tonight!

  2. Becky

    5 May

    what a great idea! I’ll bring it along. 🙂

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