I have been working on a new pattern– p.j.

  This little gal loves her blankie– which wraps up and easily buttons to keep her in.

She isn't so big– like 8" tall and her blankie is 12 X 12. Flannel on one side- cotton on other. Snuggly.  This time around I used a vintage sheet with fleece for her hair {love that i found that}  Her pajamas are an eyelet lace with of course a ribbon tie.  Her ponies wouldn't be cute without little ties either.  So, what are your thoughts?

Now come the insecure questions–

* does she need a little pink on her cheeks?

* are her ponies too big?  if you haven't noticed though– features have been over exagerated lately, so maybe she fits right in.

* does she need a mouth?

* face too big? again, with the big features. hee hee

let me know what you think– and i'll play a little bit more with her.

I mean, make her different. lol

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