Orphan Project Challenge Week

Today is the day! 

We are going to get started with the Orphan Project Challenge!! 

So excited for this to start and cannot wait to see all of what you are able to get done. 

Whether you are going to be finishing the project completely or starting back up on it and moving forward- making some progress, the Orphan Project Challenge is the perfect place to start. 


Start date:  September 12th

End date: September 18th

All week long there will be a blog post all about orphan projects.  A few years back I did a whole series- 52 orphan quilt blocks and some of these we will re-visit and some will be completely new.  Fresh ideas, inspiration and fun projects that you can use your orphan quilt blocks in, or how to get started with your own orphan projects. 

In addition to the posts, there will be some FB lives that you’ll want to put reminders on your calendar for. That’s where we’ll chat orphan projects, answer any kind of questions you may have or share what we’ve done for the day.  Again, we aren’t looking for a complete project necessarily, but movement on a project you already have started. Of course, if you finish it- that’s a wonderful accomplishment!

orphan project challenge- 7 days of making progress on forgotten projects

Here’s a quick list of what to do next: 

1- Print off the tracking sheet (I’ll be emailing those! Sign up here) This list will be the only list getting these specific emails. It’s not going to anyone else, so make sure you sign up for this specific challenge if you are going to follow along!

2- Announce or share in the free fb group a picture of you and your sheet all filled out.  Let us know what you’ll be working on this week!

3- Check in daily in the fb group

4- Mark your calendars for Monday the 16th and Wednesday the 18th for our fb live!  

5- Attend the fb live on Thursday 19th to find out the winners of the challenge!

Print off the tracking sheet (I’ll be emailing those! Sign up here)

Orphan Project Challenge Rules (nothing is required, except #1)

1- Any project will work as long as it has been previously started, but not finished.  No start date or history required- just started and not finished. 

2- You can pick more than one project. If you finish or complete one, you can move to another project.

3- Share your progress, any questions or stuck points in the Quilting 101 fb group. We can help you get over that issue or find the answer you need.

4- Attend the fb live meet ups.  These are fun and a great way to keep up with the challenge.

5- Invite a friend.  Nothing is better than teaming up with others on a challenge.  Need a partner in sewing crime? Have your friend join as well, the more the merrier.

Now for a few more details:

  • Enter to win the grand prize by participating! There will be 1 post per day in the fb group that you’ll need to drop your progress for an entry into the drawing. 
  • This isn’t necessarily about completing the project – any kind of progress and sharing it with us is an entry for the giveaway. While finishing the Orphan project would be incredible and awesome, it’s not the only way to enter the drawings. (there will be a specific thread just for those finishes for a drawing as well)
  • Comments on the days thread will be closed in the evening. Every day is a new thread, and you won’t be able to post on older posts or catch up on the entries, so please make sure you share during that day on the proper thread. 

Supplies you may need:

I’m excited to see this going and can’t wait to watch your progress as you dive into finishing that long lost project. 

Are you going to play along?

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