Orphan Project Challenge is starting!

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Are you ready for another round of Orphan Project Challenge?

This time around I’m doing things a little bit different– and adding some fun new things as well!

What to expect:

1- orphan project printable

2- private fb group just for those joining the challenge

3- free orphan project ebook (join before Dec. 6th to get it)

4- challenge will run for 10 days

sewing studio spring clean patchwork posse

Transform Your Forgotten Project Pile by.

  • Organizing your overwhelming and lost piles of projects
  • Setting up a tracking and management system
  • Moving forward one project at a time
  • Using you orphan blocks for a fun new project

Orphan Project Challenge Rules 

1- Any project will work as long as it has been previously started, but not finished.  No start date or history required- just started and not finished. 

2- You can pick more than one project. If you finish or complete one, you can move to another project.

3- Share your progress, any questions or stuck points in the Quilting 101 fb group. We can help you get over that issue or find the answer you need.

4- Attend the fb live meet ups.  These are fun and a great way to keep up with the challenge.

5- Invite a friend.  Nothing is better than teaming up with others on a challenge.  Need a partner in sewing crime? Have your friend join as well, the more the merrier.

(nothing is required, except #1)

This is a project challenge.not really project completion.  

Meaning, you don’t need to completely finish the project you have chosen.  It’s really about getting excited about the project again and moving forward with it. Getting beyond whatever got you stuck and loose interest. 

Depending on the project you choose, there may be one that is really close to being complete- and you’ll end up completing it during the challenge. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about that.  If that does happen, and you have more time left in the challenge- grab another project and get moving forward again. 

When you join, you’ll get the Orphan Quilt Blocks Project & Inspiration ebook!

FREE Gift for you!

Join me for Orphan Project week! Gather your projects and let’s have some fun finishing them!

The Challenge week will be full of inspiration, suggestions, support and whatever else you are needing.

Are you ready to go?!!!


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