Organizing my Sewing Room Day 3

Today I thought I'd hit the business hard.  I mearn, really i have no idea what I am doing and what i make, or don't and anything else that relates to the business.  I am not so good at the sort of stuff.

This year– I will start off better!

I printed off a few things– Designing an MBA's business thingie…and i actually filled it out. i know, shockers.  but i did. It certainly helped i tell you.

And then, i went through the etsy store and printed off each month of sales.  This was a shocker– June i sold $15 worth of patterns! What a totally horrible month! I had absolutely no idea. {almost wish i still didn't} I also wrote down where i make all of my money and found that i have quite a few resources.  I have my one and faithful HMQS and Blogher…. and the craft shows {i did more this year!}. 

I also wrote down what i'd like to start doing this year– that includes….. wholesale.  I know that was on last years list, but i think this year i might actually do it.  Teaching.  Sure. Why not? Let's face it, i love to talk and for some reason there are listeners.  Perfect combination.  and…..i think that was it. have to look at the list again. good thing i wrote it down. ooo maybe it's to put a little ebook out there on a couple of topics… cutter quilt collection of patterns….or kitty cat collection or the dog collection. Something along those lines.

Then i made a few steps and micro goals to keep me on track {i chase other ideas quickly}.

So, there ya go.  I know what i sold {and didn't} and i am thinking i might have some new ideas to help those didn't times do better.

I have this new binder to store all my goodies {that means printed off monthly solds}  so i can keep track of things better…and not chase papers.

How do you keep your business organized? Have a special trick?  Please don't tell me a wing and a prayer– because i totally know that doesn't work. Let me know your secret though–