7 Day Challenge -


the challenge begins...


By the end of the challenge…

You’ll feel good about your sewing room, not overwhelmed. 

You’ll have a plan moving forward on what to sew and what step is next.

You’ll stay and sew instead of giving that heavy sigh of frustration and walking away.



What's included...

    • Prep Tips PDF Printable
    • Daily Videos and Action Steps
    • Project Tracking Sheets PDF Printable

    • FB Group



Hi. I’m Becky
Founder of the OPC, Patchwork Planner & online quilt group IAQ.

I’m also a fabric collector, pile stacker and am guilty of not finishing a lot of projects! The OPC was begun to help myself get my own projects moving forward – and quilters love to sew together, so I of course am inviting you to join along side me.

Together we can get organized, release our guilt and move our projects closer to the finish line.


Your piles of projects & fabrics are big enough!

You’ve spent enough money and time on them already

– – – START SEWING on what you already have – – –




Quilt Block Project eBook

Over 30 fun and easy projects that use up your pile of leftover quilt blocks.

With this ebook, you’ll be able to use your lost and forgotten quilt blocks and make them into something that’s finished!

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Like many quilters, I have had moments that lasted more than a few days – where I wouldn’t go into my sewing room. 

I felt overwhelmed by all the projects that I wanted to make.  There were a lot of projects that I had even started and didn’t finish – for one reason or another.  It was no fun. 

What I found is that if I took the time to organize those projects, fill out a tracking sheet with the next steps… the overwhelm left. 

I could go into that sewing room and know exactly what project I was going to be working on and what the next step was.  I could still hop back and forth from project to project to keep things interesting, but I knew when things needed to be done (if it was for a gift) and what I needed to do to get it completed. 

No more ‘winging it’ any longer and the guilt of spending all that money on something that sat in a mess on the cutting table was gone. 

I felt inspired and excited to get sewing again.

OPC 12
"Looking for a quick yet rewarding project, I meet a group of delightful people who, like me, had lots of unfinished projects. I finished a few of my embroidery projects and tossed them in the Christmas gift box. Becky kept us on track and held us accountable. She provided sheets to track what we wanted to finish and what we actually finished. This was great because I got sidetracked and finished some UFOs not on my original list. For the second Orphan Project Challenge, several months after the first one, I decided to clean off a chair that was piled full of projects. LOL. Becky, I piled it full again since the challenge was so successful for me. Time to do it again. Come join us as we share ideas, techniques and decisions for all those UFOs. Make a few new friends along the way!"
OPC 13
"I joined the OPC hoping to tackle some of the unfinished projects that I had piling up. Not only did I get some of my projects done, but I met people on a zoom sew along. We shared projects and ideas while sewing along. Becky takes time to check on how things are going on a regular basis and does live broadcasts which helps to keep you moving forward and inspires you to try some new things. Her pleasant way makes joining in lots of fun and she shared an e-book full of ideas left over blocks. I made several different projects from the book. I highly recommend joining the challenge and I promise that you will not be disappointed."
OPC 13
"I enjoyed the challenge and I have completed many of the projects on my list and some others I forgot to list. I took some time out to really organize my fabric and I am still working on cutting down my scraps and organizing them."
OPC 13
"It was a great activity to motivate me to complete projects."
OPC 13
"Really like the eBook, the format is great-reminds me of online college courses that I have taken, enjoyed seeing everyone's projects at the end. During the challenge I was able to organize my space instead of finishing anything, lol, but since then my quilting productivity has taken off. thank you!"
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Common Questions You May Have...

Maybe you are looking around your sewing room and thinking – you have too many piles.  This is going to take forever! Well, we aren’t tackling them all.  You will learn how to dig into smaller piles and get better and quicker at using the tracking sheets and organizing

Maybe your sewing room is in the dining room like me and there isn’t enough space. Well,  everyone’s sewing space looks different.  From the dining table, a corner in the room to a dedicated quilt room – you don’t need a lot of space to work through your project piles. What you have is perfect for the challenge.
Not enough time to dig into all the projects. This is not about starting from scratch.  No need to save a weekend or week or whatever to dump your sewing space into the hallway.   You can quickly make progress with your piles and projects setting the timer for 15 minutes a day.
I polled hundreds of quilters about how many projects they had unfinished — over 250 quilters said they had 0-10 unfinished projects, and 140 quilters said they had 10-30 unfinished projects.  That’s a lot of projects, money and guilt sitting on our shelves. It also shows that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As quilters we are quickly enthralled with new fabric, beautiful patterns and good intentions when joining block of the months and quilt alongs.

No matter your location of sewing room, the list of projects you've started or schedule - the Challenge will help you embrace your struggles and give you support to just have fun!