My Sewing Cottage

Well, I think that I am pretty close to getting this room done!  yay!  i still have some decorating to do– will be a bit tricky with the cinder block walls.

Thought I’d show you around a bit-

View of cottage from the back wall out to the door~ don’t look at the book shelf– still haven’t sorted. just piled there.

Side of room holding alot of storage~ and small window

My Cutting Area~

My Sewing Area~ witha bit more fabric storage. 🙂

Back Wall with the big girl {who is currently on time out.  She isn’t moving her needle right now, and might take a trip to the doctors. Oh, the pain!!

Yes, that is a quilt on it’s last border of quilting waiting…waiting….poor thing.


So, there ya have it.  I think that I might have more quilt tops than fabric stash! Ugh.  Is that even possible? I guess.


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  1. roberta

    12 August

    Thank you for sharing. It is a really nice space

  2. Marta

    27 August

    Wow…you sewing cottage is a dream come true!!
    How I would like to have a space like that!
    Your very lucky!
    My space…is nothing exceptional….only the kitchen table in the hours when it’s not used for eating on…like after dinner until the wee hours of the night. It’s the putting everything in and out that gets nerve racking! 🙁 …but that’s ok! It’s good to have dreams isn’t it?! 🙂

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