Microwave Bowl Potholder

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Sew up a microwave bowl potholder with cotton batting and fabric scraps. Use the quilt as you go technique. Great for saving fingers on hot bowls!

Are you one of the types that tosses a bowl in the microwave and when it bings- you quickly grab it and then howl because it’s hot! I mean, how does that bowl get soooo hot!
To help us all out and save a bit of flesh on the palms of our hands, let’s make ourselves a hot pad for our bowl- or a

microwave bowl potholder!

This thing actually goes into the microwave with the bowl. It sits in there are twirls and when it’s all done you grab a hold of the pot holder, not the bowl!
The corners point out just a bit and are perfect to get a grip on.

microwave bowl pot holder - great tutorial and perfect for using in the microwave. won't get hot and there are little handles too!

Materials Needed:

batting- 100% cotton only –wrap and zap batting is made just for using in the microwave

backing fabric

fabric scraps

Microwave batting:

corner handles of the microwave bowl - i use mine all the time.

Microwave Bowl Potholder Pattern~

You will need to figure out the size your fabric and batting needs to be– measure your bowl from side to side, across the bottom/center.  Add 1/2″ to this measurement.  My bowl measured 10″ so my squares were 10 1/2″

1)  Cut your backing and batting to 10 1/2″ square

2)  Lay your fabric scraps on top of the batting and stitch using the quilt as you go technique


3)  Trim either the front OR the backing 3/4″ larger on each side – this will be used as the binding on the next step

4)  Fold the edges over twice to bind the sides


5)  Fold the square in half diagonally

6)  Measure from the corner and stitch to box pleat the corner– measurement is around 2″ – 2  1/2″ depending on how deep you want the bowl to be.

box the corner

7)  Repeat on all 4 corners- check the size of the bowl to make sure it fits.  Make any adjustments to the corners now if you need.

corner handle micro bowl

Click on the page # below to finish up your project~

8)  Flatten the corners down and stitch to secure- this will give you those little handles

sew the corner down

9)  Place your bowl inside and microwave.  The potholder bowl can go into the microwave- no problem.  When you need to remove the bowl, hold onto the little handles to keep your fingers from getting burned.

quilted microwave bowl - this would be great for any size of bowl too!

microwave bowl potholder - great tutorial and i really like the handles


Sew up a microwave bowl potholder with cotton batting and fabric scraps. Use the quilt as you go technique. Great for saving fingers on hot bowls!

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how to sew a microwave potato cooker bag


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