How to Make a Quilt – Machine Quilting

How to Make a Quilt – Machine Quilting

This is part of the How to Make a Quilt Series– Great for beginner quilters or if you need to sew a quilt this weekend!

Today we are working on our machine quilting-   Machine quilting can be a little bit tricky.  The smaller the quilt the easier it is…not to say it’s not impossible  to do a larger.

how to make a quilt machine quilting | PatchworkPosse #quilting #sewing Learn how to use your sewing machine to machine quilt.  It's not as hard as you think!

The machine that I am using for this is the Brother Sewing Machine.  In the past I have used a Janome also.  Both worked great.  You will need to use a quilting foot, lower the feed dogs (or change the setting to 0 so they don’t move) or use a walking foot.

The thing that I do that works the best and is the most time saver is use Thermoweb- Spray n Bond Basting Adhesive.  This stuff is awesome!  It takes the place of a thousand pins.  It’s super easy to use.

Machine Quilting How To:

1- Spray the backing fabric and then lay your batting on top– smoothing out everything.  If there is a wrinkle in the batting pull on it gently to release it and then smooth again.

2- Spray the batting of the fabric with the spray adhesive again.


3)  Smoothing out everything.  If there is a wrinkle in the batting pull on it gently to release it and then smooth again.


I found when I turned the quilt over there were a few wrinkles in the backing.  Pull the fabric back, smooth out again to release the wrinkles… might need to give a few shots of adhesive to keep it in place. No biggie.


4)  Take the quilt sandwich to you machine and start quilting!

5)  Use a walking foot for straight line quilting.  This foot allows the fabric to move ahead on the top and on the bottom. Nothing gets shifted when using this foot.  Love it!

I set my stitch to a 3.5 and it’s worked well.  The stitches were a little bit bigger…but that’s what I was going for.

I used a variegated thread by Coats n Clark.  Love it!  It was a blend of yellows and brown/reds.  Turned out great.

machine quilt with a walking foot

There will be times when you need to quilt a section that is in the middle of the quilt.  Roll up the sides to get it to fit in the arm area of the sewing machine.


There are times when things are all bunched up!


Just keep going- slow and steady wins the race.  Even with all of this bunching the spray worked great and there weren’t any puckers anywhere.


I kept with simple quilting for this small baby quilt.  Just went around the squares once– using the seam as the guide for the distance.  I also quilted the sashing and the border just once.  I was thinking I could have done more quilting, but kept this simple.

Up next we will be tackling the binding!

Share your progress here in the photo gallery if you’d like.

Have any suggestions for quilting with your sewing machine?

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  1. Moonfalle

    20 March

    I am so excited to see this. I just got my Brother CS6000i today and I made my first quilted anything…a sewing machine mat. I was wondering how well I would be able to quilt in the middle of a large project and then I saw this. It’s the same as my mahine! You gave me hope and inspiration! Thank you for this!

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