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All the details you need to know about Quilting & how to get started

No matter where you are in your quilting journey, a little help goes a long way. 

Below you’ll find Quilting Basics, Tips and 101 for any level of quilter.  No matter if you just bought your machine, dusting it off for the first time in a long time or a daily sewer…. every tip and hint can save you time, energy and frustration!

You can join our Quilt Group & Community – the IAQ (where we help you become best friends with your sewing machine) if you are looking for connection and other quilters who have a love for sewing machines and all things fabric.

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Quilting 101 blog posts....a great place to start!

washing fabric- before or after you sew it? Todays topic for pre-k patchwork on patchwork posse

Washing your Fabric– Before or After?

Today’s topic might open up a whole can of worms….washing fabric.  Do you before or after you sew it? I find that I treat each fabric differently….if the color is crazy and I worry about color running- wash.  If I am in a hurry and don’t really have time to wait- no wash.  I tend

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quilt batting- what's in your roll? | Patchwork Posse #quilt #diy #sewing

Quilt Batting- What’s on Your Roll?

Quilt Batting can be intimidating.  I find myself in the aisle of all the pre packaged and rolled quilt batting in a daze.  I usually stand there, mouth gaping, wondering what do I like? What is my favorite?  What size do I need?   Before we get into the types of batting lets talk about

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quarter inch seams- how do you check it? #sewing #quilting | patchwork posse

Checking your 1/4 seam allowance- How do you?

There are many times when I follow all the instructions to a T.  I check the cuts, measurements, sew everything in the order that I was supposed to…but something is off!  The block doesn’t square up.  It is too small, or too big. Something was wrong. Come to find out it was my seam allowance. 

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how to sew strips of fabric together | patchwork posse #sewing #quilting #tutorial

Strip Piecing so You can Sew Faster!

Are you ready to get some sewing down quickly? Strip piecing is a great way to get a few quilts done, with not a lot of math work or overall thinking. Jelly rolls are great to use with this method of sewing.  If you cut your scraps into strips, this is a great method for

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Cutting your fabric at an angle | quilting 101 | pre-k patchwork

Cutting Fabric Strips at an Angle

Cutting strips is a pretty plain and simple thing…but when you add an angle in the mix, it becomes something totally new! Today’s topic for Pre-K Patchwork Series we are hitting how to cut your fabric at an angle and get it right every time. Angle cut fabric strips can be used for bias binding

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mile a minute tutorial | patchwork posse #quilting #sewing #tutorial

How to Sew a Mile a Minute

Do you sew a mile a minute? I totally do!  The table shakes and all the fabric bits are flying everywhere.  The fabric bits is where it begins. I don’t know about you, but I find that I keep a lot of little bits.  Fabric pieces that get cut off because they are too small

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Let's talk about starch and fabric | pre k patchwork | #quilting101 | patchwork posse

Fabric Starch

Learn how to use fabric starch when you are quilting. It’s so helpful to keep your fabrics from stretching, which is so important. You can even make your own! This is a heavy topic.  There is so much information out there to gather. Fabric Starch can be your best or worst friend in the quilting

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using a quilt template for cutting fabric

Using Quilt Templates and Specialty Rulers to Cut Fabric

I have a few basic rulers in my sewing studio….ok maybe more than a few.  Most of them are the typical sized square or rectangle, but from time to time I like using quilt templates or different sized rulers when cutting fabric. There is something nice about not having to come up with a certain

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all about fabric quality

Avoid Holes in Your Quilts- Fabric Quality

There have been many times when I have pieced a quilt, quilted it, bound it…and then loved, washed, loved, washed, repeat many years, and then I find it.  The dreaded hole!  Most of time I can blame no the kids, but the fabric. The fabric wasn’t the best in quality when I started quilting, and

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Sew Something New....

Simple Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial

Being president this last year of my local quilt group has been a blast.  It has been so much fun coming up with the projects and learning a few things along the way with them. Our group tries to do something that is donated to a good cause or a charity project.  This year we

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How to Make A Quilt From Start To Finish

Learn how to make a quilt from start to finish. Materials list, piecing the quilt, machine quilting and binding. Share your finished quilt in the gallery! For me, quilting was the first thing I tackled when I got my first sewing machine.  I was curious how they were made, the design process and having it

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cranky quilt patchwork posse

The Cranky Quilt

The Cranky Quilt is one of the funnest quilts I have designed– as well as one of the first larger….and block or row by row quilt along. It features 7 rows that vary in style and size. The idea was to take the typical blocks and make them so –the points didn’t matter, rules were

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quilt as you go mug rugs pumpkin

Fall Pumpkin Mug Rug Tutorial

Mug rugs are great to play and learn with.  They are small in size, but great for giving a new technique a try.  These mug rugs will help you understand the Quilt as you Go technique.  Plus, there are 2 ways you can finish them.  Depending on what look you like the best (and how

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Mini Solar Eclipse Quilt Tutorial

I am over at Sew Can She!! I get to play along this year with her mini quilt series.  I’ve known Caroline for a couple of years…. just had lunch with her in Texas in October! She has a wonderful site full of tutorials and this year– mini quilts! Every month there is a new

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Free Snowman Quilt Pattern

Free Snowman Quilt Pattern During the cold winter, nothing is better than hanging out with a snuggly quilt and some stitching on the lap.  This snowman quilt reminds me of the fun that snow brings with it when it’s fresh and the kids are hopping about ready to head out and go play.  It’s a

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