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No matter where you are in your quilting journey, a little help goes a long way. 

Below you’ll find Quilting Basics, Tips and 101 for any level of quilter.  No matter if you just bought your machine, dusting it off for the first time in a long time or a daily sewer…. every tip and hint can save you time, energy and frustration!

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Quilting 101 blog posts....a great place to start!

How to square up fabric. Pre-k Patchwork | Patchwork Posse #quilting101

How to Square up your fabric

You have this perfect piece of fabric or yardage from the store….you can’t wait to get it in a finished project, but wait….somethings not right!  When you cut it the fold is all crooked.  The fabric bunches and the cut is horrible! Today, let’s figure out how to square up your fabric so you can

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quarter inch seams- how do you check it? #sewing #quilting | patchwork posse

Checking your 1/4 seam allowance- How do you?

There are many times when I follow all the instructions to a T.  I check the cuts, measurements, sew everything in the order that I was supposed to…but something is off!  The block doesn’t square up.  It is too small, or too big. Something was wrong. Come to find out it was my seam allowance. 

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thread prek patchwork Quilting 101 | all about thread- kinds, styles... | patchwork posse

Are You a Thread Snob? Sewing Thread Unraveled

Sewing thread can send me into a mix of emotions.  I mean there is a reason that everyone says ‘thread candy’.  It’s yummy to the eyes.  The colors, hues and shiney qualities make us all go -ooh and awe-. There is however a dark side to thread.  It can cause a lot of problems when

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how to block a quilt

Blocking and How to Square up Your Quilt

Sometimes you are a speed sewer and when you get your quilt all done you realize that it has a slight angle or slant to it.  WHAO! what happened and how do we fix that?! You will need to block your quilt to get it back into ship shape and ready for the next step-

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quilting tools and supplies | patchwork posse #beginnersewer #quilting101

Basic Quilting Tools and Supplies

There are a lot of products out there for quilting and sewing.  The isles at the stores are filled with fun supplies and must have’s.  Over time you will find that there are a few basic quilting tools that you use- all the time. They are your go-to tool.  You take them with you when

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Using Color in Your Quilts- all about the color wheel

Using the Color Wheel in Your Quilts

Using color wheel or just plain color in my quilts has always stumped me.  I get all caught up sometimes of -does this look good? I am not comfortable with those colors…..sweaty palms when I step out of my comfort color zone. {do you have one of those moments?} It really isn’t that difficult though.

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washing fabric- before or after you sew it? Todays topic for pre-k patchwork on patchwork posse

Washing your Fabric– Before or After?

Today’s topic might open up a whole can of worms….washing fabric.  Do you before or after you sew it? I find that I treat each fabric differently….if the color is crazy and I worry about color running- wash.  If I am in a hurry and don’t really have time to wait- no wash.  I tend

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using a quilt template for cutting fabric

Using Quilt Templates and Specialty Rulers to Cut Fabric

I have a few basic rulers in my sewing studio….ok maybe more than a few.  Most of them are the typical sized square or rectangle, but from time to time I like using quilt templates or different sized rulers when cutting fabric. There is something nice about not having to come up with a certain

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Changing Color and Mood of Your Quilt

One of my favorite things to do is fabric hunt. I love to go look for a new print or something fun that will jump off of the shelf and say- pick me! I typically never have a problem with that, but occasionally I am on the hunt for something very specific. I need just

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Sew Something New....

ufo quilt block

Signature Quilt Tutorial {52 UFO Quilt Block}

This is the first post for the series happening this whole year!  I am soooo excited to get this going! After having a challenge of putting together some doll quilts for the Festival of Trees to sell, I found that I have a nice drawer FULL of UFO quilt blocks.  When did I start collecting

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Fabric Collage Quilt – How to Make One

A fabric collage quilt doesn’t need to be scary! Learn how to make a fabric collage quilt- it’s fun, uses scraps fabrics and unlimited designs and shapes. No rules here! This will help you get started… This last year I had picked up the horse pattern from my local quilt shop and decided to give

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Sew a hexagon wreath mini quilt with patchwork posse. #holidaycraft #hexagon

Hexagon Wreath Quilt Tutorial

It’s beginning to look a lot like….don’t say it! Christmas!  I know, it’s Thanksgiving week…. but the online world is always so much farther than reality! If you are like me though, the family get together is looking long.  There is a lot to catch up on, watch, eat, chat…. and repeat.  All of this

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Zippy Baby Quilt with Applique Tutorial

Today I’m so excited to share the first project I have ever made with the Cricut Maker! scary, but fun! I decided to not make it too complicated for myself and start with a pattern that I know…and then add some fun embellishment to it. Since the theme is Valentines…. I of course thought of

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String Piece Strip Quilt Tutorial

String piecing is a lot of fun….. you will find that it has a lot of options with placement.  This baby quilt is a great one to give string piecing a try with.  It’s not too big– finishes at 46″ X 46″ . The fabric I used for this baby quilt is from Andover Fabrics.

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Simple Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial

Being president this last year of my local quilt group has been a blast.  It has been so much fun coming up with the projects and learning a few things along the way with them. Our group tries to do something that is donated to a good cause or a charity project.  This year we

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