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Quilting 101 blog posts....a great place to start!

all about applique- tutorials, templates, tips and more! | patchwork posse

All About Applique

There are a few things you can do when you sew that can give character, life and customization to the project. Applique is one of them.  The possibilities with this are endless!  You have the ability to choose the topic, image, size and fabric color to use.  Then the choice of where to put it,

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how to sew strips of fabric together | patchwork posse #sewing #quilting #tutorial

Strip Piecing so You can Sew Faster!

Are you ready to get some sewing down quickly? Strip piecing is a great way to get a few quilts done, with not a lot of math work or overall thinking. Jelly rolls are great to use with this method of sewing.  If you cut your scraps into strips, this is a great method for

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Fabric Grain

Fabric Grain- How much do you know about it?

For me, the fabric grain is one of the most confusing parts!  I usually just snatch up some fabric because I like it. I pay no attention to the grain…just look at the pretty colors. I find though, that when I get it home and start cutting -the edges are gone…I have no idea where

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what is a quilt

Keeping it Super Simple- What is a Quilt?

So the big question we are going to start the series of Pre-K Patchwork is What is a quilt? The dictionary puts it this way? quilt [kwilt] * bed cover: a bed cover made of two layers of fabric stitched together with padding held in place by decorative intersecting seams something similar to quilt: something

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all about fabric quality

Avoid Holes in Your Quilts- Fabric Quality

There have been many times when I have pieced a quilt, quilted it, bound it…and then loved, washed, loved, washed, repeat many years, and then I find it.  The dreaded hole!  Most of time I can blame no the kids, but the fabric. The fabric wasn’t the best in quality when I started quilting, and

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how to block a quilt

Blocking and How to Square up Your Quilt

Sometimes you are a speed sewer and when you get your quilt all done you realize that it has a slight angle or slant to it.  WHAO! what happened and how do we fix that?! You will need to block your quilt to get it back into ship shape and ready for the next step-

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prek patchwork- quilting basics 1 class at a time

Pre-K Patchwork Quilting Basics

This past year has been a blast. I have been messing around with a few ideas for the next year 2014, and am ready to let you all in on what will be happening around here. I am one to like schedules– keeps my busy brain happy, happy, happy.  I love to find topics and

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mile a minute tutorial | patchwork posse #quilting #sewing #tutorial

How to Sew a Mile a Minute

Do you sew a mile a minute? I totally do!  The table shakes and all the fabric bits are flying everywhere.  The fabric bits is where it begins. I don’t know about you, but I find that I keep a lot of little bits.  Fabric pieces that get cut off because they are too small

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Cutting your fabric at an angle | quilting 101 | pre-k patchwork

Cutting Fabric Strips at an Angle

Cutting strips is a pretty plain and simple thing…but when you add an angle in the mix, it becomes something totally new! Today’s topic for Pre-K Patchwork Series we are hitting how to cut your fabric at an angle and get it right every time. Angle cut fabric strips can be used for bias binding

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Sew Something New....

snowflake hexagon quilt tutorial. Included templates! | patchwork posse

Winter Snowflake Hexagon Quilt Tutorial

This little quilt has been sooo patient! It has traveled around for a couple of holidays with family, packed into bed while resting…and finally today it gets to be shared!  Please take note- I appologize that the binding is not done.  I just ran out of time, but it will, I promise it will! I

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Sew a hexagon wreath mini quilt with patchwork posse. #holidaycraft #hexagon

Hexagon Wreath Quilt Tutorial

It’s beginning to look a lot like….don’t say it! Christmas!  I know, it’s Thanksgiving week…. but the online world is always so much farther than reality! If you are like me though, the family get together is looking long.  There is a lot to catch up on, watch, eat, chat…. and repeat.  All of this

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9 Plus 1 Quilt Tutorial | patchwork posse |easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

9 Plus 1 Table Quilt Tutorial

For the past little bit I have been fussing over and re-doing a few things in the living room.  You can see the reveal here. One of the projects was to make a co-ordinating table quilt.  I had already updated the pillows and moved things around, and this was kind of the last thing on

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hexagon pumpkin fat quarter quilt tutorial | patchwork posse

Hexagon Pumpkin Quilt Tutorial

It’s time for another seasonal Hexagon Quilt!  These are small {fat quarter in size}, and are great for a quick and easy sewing project.   Because we are hitting pumpkin season — I thought a little pumpkin patch of hexagons was needed. I chose fabrics that were in the nuetral realm, but I really could

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Postage Stamp Mini Quilt Tutorial

Learn how to sew your pieces together with a custom grid with this postage stamp mini quilt tutorial. Great for fabric scraps. The Postage Stamp quilt is a classic. It’s a great one for using your little pieces of fabric….either matching from a line of fabric, or a pile of scraps. Either way the result

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Three’s Company Quilt Along

Three’s Company Quilt – was the quilt along during 2018 The full pattern includes:  – pdf / save to your computer / print what you need – instructions for each block – instructions for setting and borders – tracking sheets- know your progress and the next step Buy the pattern here Quick notes:  9 quilt

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