Fidget Quilts

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There was a question on the facebook page about fidget quilts.  I kind of knew what they were about, but it got me a bit more curious, so I took a look around and found some great resources and ideas.

What is a fidget quilt?  It really doesn’t have to be a ‘quilt’ but the idea is: giving the fingers and hands something to do.  These are great for little kids, or olders who have alzheimers, dementia, or need some help keeping busy.   It’s all about texture and one must keep in mind that these articles must be able to withstand hot water as they’ll be washed frequently.

Bonus—-> Precise piecing and stitching isn’t necessary so it makes it a perfect project to practice new stitches, if you are a beginner or just want to sew crazy fast and not worry about perfection.

fidget blankets ideas and how tos

They feature zippers, ties, ribbon, strings, buttons, snaps, closures, different textures – like minky, stretchy, pom poms, buttons, pockets, braids…you name it!

Anything that can keep the fingers busy and can be washed will work.

They are similar to a quiet book, but are larger- can be an apron even or just a mat that is laid across your lap.

There are a few local organizations that you might find that could use a donation or two.  This would be a great project for your quilt guild to do as a group project or focus for the year.

fidget quilts pattern and tutorial

How to make a Fidget Quilt~

Your top will need to be the size of a placemat– or really any size that will fit across your lap.  Around a fat quarter or 18″ X 20″.  Feel free to customize this to what you need!  There is no right answer or size here.

It will need a stabilizer in between the layers.  You can use batting, peltex, or multiple layers of flannel.  Again keep it simple. You want this to not be floppy, but not crazy firm.

  1. Layer the quilt top and backing fabric – right sides together.
  2. Lay this on top of the batting or stabilizer
  3. Sew all the way around the outside, leaving a 3″ opening for turning
  4. Snip the corners, turn right sides out and stitch 1/8″ from the edge to secure the layers and close the opening
  5. Grab your supplies and lay them out on top of the fabric.
  6. Pin in place the items and start stitching them down by hand or machine.  Because your stitching will go through all the layers, this will keep them more secure and quilt the layers together, making it wear better through washings and use.

Busy Fingers, Fidget Fun Mats & Quilts Tutorials~

fidget quilt for boys

Alzheimers fidget quilt


Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket


Busy Hands Fidget Apron

fidget fun mats

Fidget Fun Mats

fidget quilt with hankie

Simple fidget quilt

sensory blanket

Sensory Blanket

Fidget quilt pattern + it rolls up!

These busy blankets are perfect for using your scraps from projects that are finished.  Those odd ball supplies that are just hanging around and not doing much in your sewing space but taking up space.

Take a look around– you know what I’m talking about.  Start making little quilt kits with your fun dodads and when you have enough….sit down and stitch them up.

* Make sure that everything you use is securely stitched down.  You don’t want things to pop off and get lost.

* Don’t overthink this.  Keep it simple.  They are supposed to be busy, but don’t make it sooo busy it’s overwhelming

* Involve your kids!  Have them help decide or layout the mat and stitch things down.  Perfect for youth groups!

What kind of things do you put on your fidget quilts?  Any suggestions for us?


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