Day 12: Quilt Retreat Packing Printable

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Welcome to day 12 of 16 days of free quilt printables!

Today’s printable is a full page quilt retreat packing printable.  Suggested by a couple of you who were looking for something to use to help with travel.  Quilters are usually travelers— we go on retreats, have sewing days with friends and go to sew days at the quilt stores.  This quilt planner printable is all about making sure you pack the right things.

A few suggestions- whether you are actually going on a full retreat or just a sewing day with friends- the quilt retreat packing printable is perfect! There was this one time I forgot something….. yeah, not fun.  This will hopefully help you not only bring what you need but get you prepared with projects as well.

The index of the day can be found here as well as a link to a form where you can request a printable to be designed for this series.

Download the Retreat Packing Printable here.

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