Colorful Patchwork Bags & Baskets Class

Colorful Patchwork Bags & Baskets Class

So, it’s no secret that I’m a patchwork bag lover.  I kind of hoard them….just a little tiny bit.  It’s even better if you can sew them using your scraps!

When I found out that

1- this is a craftsy class (totally my favorite online class- watch, save, skip, share)

2- it’s Caroline from SewCanShe  She is one of the guest designers this year for the quilt group (while her exclusive pattern wasn’t a bag, it’s just as wonderful!) and

3- it’s a bag…my favorite kind of project!

I was so excited.

All 3 things along with her super cute personality (she was my roomie last year at fall quilt market) this is a spec-tac class.  Definitely not one you will want to miss.

colorful patchwork bags and basket


Colorful Patchwork Bags & Baskets~

patchwork bag online class with craftsy

scaleable bags you can sew

In addition to the projects, you’ll be shown how to deal with zippers (I say that in the kindest possible way as zippers can sometimes not play along nicely!).  And she shows you how to use a grid interfacing as well as using stabilizers in your bag.  It’s such a great class if you are interested in zipper bags and learning a little bit of helpful hints along the way that will make your future projects successful as well.

sewing your zipper in a bag

As you might already know- if you take the class you can share your projects on the site with others who have taken the class as well.  You will not be alone in your sewing…there are over 500+ who have purchased the class already and it’s always open so you can ask questions, share problems or find help.

caroline class on making bags with scraps

Just because I don’t want you to miss out on what she designed for the quilt group- join here for access to her pattern.


Check out all the projects made so far with this patchwork bags class.

patchwork bags and basket class

I am a full believer in listening to others suggestions…so I thought I’d share a couple of things others have said, so you’re not just listening to me blab about how awesome it is….but really, it is.

patchwork bag and testimonial


Looking for additional help for the zipper  with that patchwork bag? Check this class out as well-

zipper pouch online sewing class

What you can do with Craftsy:  Take Online Classes ~ Buy Supplies ~ Buy & Sell Patterns ~ Meet Makers

Our hundreds of classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, cake decorating, art, photography, cooking and many more categories, bring the world’s best instructors to you. Learn at your pace with easy-to-follow HD video lessons you can access on your computer and mobile device anytime, anytime, anywhere, forever.

Quick Q & A about your classes and patterns you purchase:

They stay in your profile forever!  No need to hunt the email down with a congrats on purchasing with a link.  You simply login.  And there they are!  Super easy to return any time, any where.  Drop in for a few minutes….learn something new, sew along.  It even saves your spot when you click the pause button!  No restarting or searching the timeline for where you were last at!

* money back if you don’t like the class or it just isn’t you!

* immediate access.  purchase it -boom- it’s right there ready to go!

* interactive– ask a question, have others answers!

* show and tell- make it and share it with others in the class

* high quality- whether it’s free class or a class on sale or full price class, they are all the same fantastic quality!

Along with your classes, any free or paid pattern you have purchased are available for access anytime, anywhere also.

Great for when you are sewing for friends and you forgot your pattern.  Login, print.  Simple as that.

Have you taken a craftsy class before?  Which one would you recommend?

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