• how to sew a hexagon pincushion
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    Hexagon Flower Pincushion Tutorial

    You know all of those hexagons you have laying about?  Maybe you started your little collection of flower hexagons? They can be used in a little project– a pincushion.  No need to go overboard with the amount of hexagons…. you will just need 7 for this project! Materials Needed: 7 hexagons for the flower background for the flower- 8″ X…

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    Arm Chair Pin Cushion and Sewing Pocket Tutorial

    Night is kind of the best time to sit and relax….and nothing is better for relaxing then some hand stitching.  What I find though is I loose my scissors, miss place the thread, and who knows how many buttons and other goodies are tucked in between the cushions or behind pillows. To save a little bit of frustration, the arm…

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    Inside the Pin Cushion

    I am a lover of the pin cushion and don’t think that you really could have too many.   After you pick out the pattern thought the next big decision is what’s going inside the pin cushion! There are a few products that I use all the time.   Polyfil is usually the one that hits the top of the…

  • free pincushion patterns. Perfect project to sew anytime and give as gifts.
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    Free Pincushion Patterns

    I am a sucker for awesome pincushions.  I have quite a little selection.  Some of them I’ve made, some are free pincushion patterns.  I’m not big into complicated patterns.  Simple ones will do. If you are like me, you’ll enjoy a quick little link list of a few I’ve made in the past and others I have found that are…

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    Thimble Pin Cushion Tutorial

    Pin cushions are seriously one of my favorite things.  They are so simple to make and you can explore so many options to incorporate.  One of them- the thimble. We put some of these together in a sewing group I go to and I couldn’t keep it to myself. I have to share because I love how it turned out!…

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    Vintage Embroidery Pin Cushion Pattern

    At some point along the way in my growing up years I was given a purple velvet and small squared needle point or embroidered pin cushion.  I was told it was my great grandma Price’s.  That she had made some for the grandkids and I was one of the lucky recipients. This pin cushion has always been with me since.…

  • Posie Flower Pin Tutorial | patchwork posse #needles #pins #quilt
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    Posie Pins Tutorial and Swap

    Looking around the internet there are a lot of cute pins out there.  I came up with a little flower pin topper– a posie flower.   Made with fabric scraps and a few quick stitches and you will in no time have a whole bundle of them!  Whether or not they are useful, who cares….. they are cute standing there…

  • Make kitchki pincushions -a tutorial / patchworkposse.com #pincushions #tutorial #kitchki
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    Kitchki Pin Cushions {tutorial on making your own}

    I saw the cutest small porcelein, kitchki -is that what those type of things called?, vintage pin cushions…… at a boutique recently and thought—those are sooo cute! I really wanted one, but missed my chance to buy one and so here goes – Make it yourself! You first need to shop the Thrift stores-  or maybe your grandmas house or where ever you can…