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    Pillowcase roll tutorial

    As you can see from the fabric, these were made a while back. For Christmas. This Pillowcase is not just for the holidays only – though it would make a nice Mother’s Day present. Every year we swap our favorite things (my sister, mom and sister in laws).  This year I choose to make everyone a new pillowcase.  Because having…

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    Pillows to Sew for Summer

    Awe man, I do love myself a pillow.  They are the easiest and quickest way to change up a room. You don’t have to spend a ton of time sewing, they don’t require a mongo amount of expensive fabric and they can be customized to whatever style you have in your home. Perfect! A few of the pillows I wouldn’t…

  • Boat Embroidery Stitched Pillow tutorial with pleated sides

    Nautical Pillow Pattern

    This pillow might look a little complicated, but you’ll find it’s not!  The pleated edges surrounding the center stitching is folded….easy to do! Trace the drawing onto your fabric and then thread draw on top with a dark thread.  The lines won’t be perfect, but that is the whole idea around the design.  Add a little bit of fabric for…

  • Valentine heart pillow tutorials | #valentines #heart #pillowtutorial
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    20+ Heart Pillows for Valentines

    This year I am just a bit ahead of myself with Valentines.  I made this Valentine pillow (using a quilt block I had from before)— and I have a cute little basket full of little heart pillows all piled together. Pillows are a great way to decorate for Holidays.  They are simple and quick and if you make it a…

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    Christmas Embroidery Pillow Cover

    Last week I stitched up the four little Christmas embroidery designs. After staring at them on the table for a couple of days, I was reminded of a super cute little pillow I had seen in a store with a wrapped embroidery cover– like a little sleeve. These little sleeves are quick to make and great for showcasing any seasonal…

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    2 Quick and Simple Christmas Pillows

    Learn how to make two different Christmas pillows. Using the disappearing 9 patch and quilt as you go technique. Simple sewing projects for Christmas. Quick and simple is sometimes what I’m all about.  I like to have a few things around the house that are Holiday related…but don’t really want to spend a whole lot of time on them. These…