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    Swaddle Baby Doll Pattern

    Little dolls are one of my favorite things to sew.  This little swaddle baby doll pattern is simple and sweet. It really is a one hour sewing project.  There are no arms or legs and a little quilted blankie is used for the body shape. The face is sewn underneath the quilt, so she or he looks all snuggled and…

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    Closing your Bears and Plushies

    Seems like no matter where I am or which set of grandchildren I am with, there are always soft toys to repair. Today it was Hunter’s little teddy bear with the head holding on by a few stitches. I think he is really excited to have it back all fixed and he can play with it again. He is such…

  • elf on the shelf patchwork bag tutorial | patchworkposse #christmas #elfontheshelf
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    Elf on the Shelf Patchwork Bag Tutorial

    Now that we have our elf on the shelf dolls and accessories all made, let’s get them something to be stored in. This bag would be great to use for storage when not in use, or arriving or departing in…or traveling if you bring them along to your own adventures. Along with the bag there is a little label.  You…

  • elf on the shelf apron and skirt | patchwork posse | #elfontheshelf #christmas
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    Elf on the Shelf Accessories Tutorials

    After making the elf on the shelf dolls….we are ready to start with the accessories!  What’s an elf without a hat…and a girl without her skirt. And then there is the apron. I know a few of the elves like to experiment in the kitchen and of course this would mean that they need an apron. These dolls are 12″…

  • elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas
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    Free Elf on the Shelf Doll Pattern

    Today we begin the fun of sewing our Elf on the Shelf dolls!  The accessories will be coming tomorrow…today we will be focusing on the dolls themselves. There is a boy and a girl– both hair styles are included in the templates, so you can have a choice. These elves are 12″ tall.  They have pose-able arms and legs which…

  • elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas
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    Elf on the Shelf Doll Pattern

    The time is getting close now….. are you starting to think about Christmas?  My kids are getting bigger each year and the likeliness of having another Christmas without the secret coming out is getting slimmer. Who knows, they probably all know it now and I simply have no idea. The youngest is 11 this week, and while I have been…

  • How to make felt doll with panel fabric | patchworkposse #freetutorial #feltdolls
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    How to Make Felt Dolls with Panel Fabric

    I picked up some fabric– couldn’t resist those little kitties…and their little fun accessories. What to do with it though?  The fabric came as a panel with the prints spaced apart.  For this tutorial, I decided to make some super cute felt dolls. These would make a fun and easy to to travel with play kit for the kiddos in…