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    11 Winter Hat Tutorials

    Winter hats are a great way to use a wool felted sweater, pieces of fleece or whatever that will fit snuggly around the head and keep it warm.  This is a great way to stuff a stocking too– just in case you are needing something! I have found a nice little pile of tutorials out there– enjoy!  winter hat tutorial…

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    10 Scarf Tutorials

    Along with the mittens….I am also addicted to scarfs!  I love scarfs…..granted my neck is not long and thin and when i wear them i feel like choking sometimes.  But really.  I do love them.  When i see others walking around I get a little jealous. Oh i sure wish i was a scarf girl. Well. I am, it’s just…

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    Dandy Handy Warmers

    How about a little tutorial about Handy Dandy Hand Warmers?! I thought at first i would like to make crochet ones…but then i thought….in about 1 day they will be lost, missing, stuck in a corner, stuffed in a coat, or whatever else and i don't want to put the effort time and everything else to face this. So, the…

  • 4 step fleece scarf tutorial |kids love them! | patchwork posse #winter #scarf #freepattern

    Buy, Cut, Pin, Stitch, Snip and Wear–Scarf

    Finding a scarf for the kids is kind of hard.  There are a lot to choose from, but they fall off, are too long….the list goes on. Oh, and then they don’t wear them. Using fleece {in totally cool prints}, adding a little loop {so it won’t fall off} is a great solution. In addition to that, it’s only 4…

  • apron tutorial for little girls | patchwork posse

    Simple Apron Tutorial With A Pocket

    This simple apron tutorial shows you how to make one on point with a pocket. Great for kids or enlarge it for adults. It’s a simple apron tutorial you can sew in an hour! It really doesn’t take long and cooking can be fun…but cooking with little kids can be funner! This apron is just the right size for the…

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    Slipper Mania

    I picked up some fleece the other day for some slippers for the kids…..really should have kept these for christmas presents…..but i have a problem hiding, and then keeping them that long. So here we go. I searched the web for some free slipper patterns. I found a few, but finally ended up with this one. It is for little…