• fingerless gloves pattern - make them custom sized! PatchworkPosse #freepattern #winter #textinggloves
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    How to make a Fingerless Gloves Pattern

    But, hey it’s a little chilly out there right now!  Nothings better than toasty hands. Along with that comes with the frustration of not having fingers free to answer calls, text and keep in touch with others, or perhaps stitching a bit! The solution– A custom sized fingerless gloves pattern….. and add a bit of applique  and embroidery– and your have something…

  • Apron Tutorial Round up | Over 50 tutorials collected | patchwork posse #apron #tutorial
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    50 + Apron Tutorials for Spring Cleaning

    With Spring finally coming around….it can never come to soon around here! Aprons are a must.  They are great to tie on and get to work. Whether you are finding yourself in the garden- knee deep in dirt,  home- shuffling through all the winter collections, or crafting- where are you going to put all those supplies you need at your…

  • summer day camp bleach tie dye shirt

    Summer Day Camp Bleach Tie-Dye Shirts

    Hello followers of the Summer Day Camp Series on The Craft Nest.  I am totally excited to be sharing along with others on things to do for Summer Day Camp!  I mean, who doesn’t have  a few howling kids hanging around them begging for things to do?  We are hitting the time when the excitement from being out of school…

  • how to add applique to your skirt
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    How to Applique – Elastic Waist Skirt

    Learn how to us iron on appliques on your clothing.  Super easy to add a bit of pizzazz to your clothes! The last couple of weeks I have focused on the elastic waist skirt– and you learned my hem tape hem trick and a super easy skirt tutorial {used for my 9 year old}, and then again with a patchwork…

  • patchwork skirt tutorial- #patchwork #summerskirt / patchwork posse

    Patchwork Elastic Waist Skirt

    This week for the Elastic Waistband Skirt we are going to work on– what if I don’t have enough cute fabric? or- I only have little bits of fabric to make the easy skirt with? The answer to that panic question-  we will make a patchwork skirt!  That’s right. Let’s figure out how to sew up a few scraps of fabric…

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    Easy Elastic Waist Skirt Tutorial

    I am kicking off a quick series this month. It’s going to be all about an elastic waist skirt.  One of the easiest skirts you can sew in the clothing world. Today we will hit the pattern itself and how you shouldn’t be afraid of sewing a skirt.  It’s the gathered skirt – of course there is no hand gathering.…

  • high water pants to shorts tutorial patchwork possse

    Ending High Water Pants One Pant at a Time

    Awhile ago I had posted one of my most popular posts on the blog. Ending Bum Crack One Pant at a Time.  Just looked at the time stamp on that post– 2008!!! whoop whoop.  I have been around here for awhile now.  I am apparently a trend setter too, because I find elastic in the back of pants all over…