• free pineapple quilt block tutorials
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    8 Free Pineapple Quilt Block Tutorials

    Free Pineapple quilt blocks that you can get sewing right now! Super cute and quick to sew…with a few fun additions you’ll love! I’ve seen these fun pineapple quilt block tutorials around for a bit and have saved them for a rainy day or project….and I thought that instead of keeping them to myself, I would share them today! There…

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    12+ Free Irish Chain Quilt Patterns

    Free Irish Chain Quilt Patterns – Find inspiration & tutorials to make your own irish chain quilt. Great for any level of quilter,scraps and quick quilts! The irish chain was really one of the first quilts that I had made when I started quilting. It’s a simple block, but has a complicated look about it! It’s all squares and depending…

  • mile a minute patterns and layouts to sew with scraps
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    Mile a Minute Quilt Patterns

    Awhile back I did a quick video and tutorial showing the Mile a minute quilt method. It’s so slick & perfect for grabbing into that scrap bag and just sewing, sewing, sewing. There is no thought process that goes with it, it’s simple line them up- right sides together and sew. Because of this, you end up with a super…

  • quilted hot pads you can sew today
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    25 + Quilted Hot Pads

    Quilted hot pads are great for making when you need a quick gift, or an update in the kitchen! They are perfect for using up scraps of fabric, trying a new technique or making in batches to have on hand for last minute needs. There are a few things to know about making hot pads, trivets, or anything that you…

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    12+ Free Snowman Quilts & Projects

    Tis the season— for snow! Snowman quilts & other snowman fun projects!!!   I live in Utah and we always have a winter that is chilly, full of snow and overall unpredictable. It’s fun….but one of my favorite parts is the snow.  Snowman.  (really, it’s the opportunity to stay inside because it’s too cold to go outside) To get you in…

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    Super Cute Baby Quilts to Make

    Baby Quilts to Make I love making baby quilts.  They are of course on the smaller side of things. Here are my top reasons why baby quilts are awesome: 1- they are small 2- you can try a new technique out without going crazy huge and overwhelming yourself 3- you can typically machine quilt them on your own standard machine…

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    Mug Rugs Holiday Gift Baskets

    Gift baskets are kind of over used I think– but a great way to not make it like you ran to the store last minute to pick up the first gift basket you see, a little set of mug rugs holiday gift basket might be just the thing  you need. It’s a blend of the hand made and the store…

  • Easter sewing projects for your home. Add some fun Spring colors!
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    24 Easter Sewing Projects

    Decorating for Easter usually isn’t on the top of the holiday list.  These Easter Sewing Projects will help you— you’ll find table runners, plushies, wall hangings, appliques, pillows, bags and more! The weather outside is becoming beautiful!  It’s almost the time of year when things will be sprouting all around.  Can’t wait to dig out the bright colors and switch…