• Cutting your fabric at an angle | quilting 101 | pre-k patchwork
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    Cutting Fabric Strips at an Angle

    Cutting strips is a pretty plain and simple thing…but when you add an angle in the mix, it becomes something totally new! Today’s topic for Pre-K Patchwork Series we are hitting how to cut your fabric at an angle and get it right every time. Angle cut fabric strips can be used for bias binding or for angular quilt blocks…

  • Cutting your fabric into strips | quilting101 | patchwork posse #fabric
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    Cutting Fabric Strips and Squares

    Today’s topic for our Quilting 101 or Pre-k Patchwork series is all about cutting strips and squares! This is a pretty basic shape, but if you get something wrong when you cut the strips it will send your project into problem mode.  Things won’t line up, the quilt block might stretch….or you will find a ‘kink’ in the strip because…

  • How to square up fabric. Pre-k Patchwork | Patchwork Posse #quilting101
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    How to Square up your fabric

    You have this perfect piece of fabric or yardage from the store….you can’t wait to get it in a finished project, but wait….somethings not right!  When you cut it the fold is all crooked.  The fabric bunches and the cut is horrible! Today, let’s figure out how to square up your fabric so you can get right to the fun…

  • how to use your rotary cutter- tutorial | Patchwork Posse #quilting #sewing
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    How to Use Your Rotary Cutter

    There are times when I get a bit nervous in the quilting– it doesn’t happen very often, but when it comes to the rotary cutter, I get a little bit nervous. There is a blade, people.  A very sharp blade.  One that has a sleeve to protect it, but when you are cutting…it’s out there.  Sharp edge and all. Let’s…

  • quilting tools and supplies | patchwork posse #beginnersewer #quilting101
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    Basic Quilting Tools and Supplies

    There are a lot of products out there for quilting and sewing.  The isles at the stores are filled with fun supplies and must have’s.  Over time you will find that there are a few basic quilting tools that you use- all the time. They are your go-to tool.  You take them with you when you go on sewing dates,…

  • Let's talk about starch and fabric | pre k patchwork | #quilting101 | patchwork posse
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    Fabric Starch

    Learn how to use fabric starch when you are quilting. It’s so helpful to keep your fabrics from stretching, which is so important. You can even make your own! This is a heavy topic.  There is so much information out there to gather. Fabric Starch can be your best or worst friend in the quilting world.  Some sewers love it,…

  • Fabric: style, design and color. pre-k patchwork Quilting 101 | patchwork posse
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    Fabric style, print, color

    Today I thought it would be fun and interesting to get the perspective of fabric style, print, color from a fabric designer.  The process of coming up with fabric lines is interesting.   There is a lot more that goes into fabric or pattern design than meets the eye.  Having never gone through the process myself and not having really…

  • quilt batting- what's in your roll? | Patchwork Posse #quilt #diy #sewing
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    Quilt Batting- What’s on Your Roll?

    Quilt Batting can be intimidating.  I find myself in the aisle of all the pre packaged and rolled quilt batting in a daze.  I usually stand there, mouth gaping, wondering what do I like? What is my favorite?  What size do I need?   Before we get into the types of batting lets talk about thickness.  Batts are available in…