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    Self Binding Quilt Tutorial

    Full tutorial and video showing you: self binding quilt tutorial. Take the fabric from the back and use it for the binding. Quick, simple & works great! Binding time is finally here….but what to do, what to do?! Today I’m sharing a few tips on self binding your quilt – it uses the backing fabric! There is a double fold,…

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    How to Make Bias Tape

    Learn how to make bias tape the fast way! So simple and your binding will turn out perfect every time! Hi! This is Sara again and today I have an amazing sewing tip for you on how to make bias tape the fast way! On Tuesday I shared this tutorial on how to transform a sweater into a cardigan using…

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    How to Make a Quilt – Binding

    This is part of the How to make a Quilt Series.  Today we will be working on how to bind a quilt.    There are a few ways that you can bind your quilt- today I am keeping it simple with the roll over binding.  That is where the backside comes to the front. How to Bind a Quilt: 1)  Trim…

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    How to Sew Bias Tape- 2 Techniques

    Learn how to sew bias tape, binding or hem tape to your easy sewing projects. These 2 techniques will save you a lot of sewing time! Since I had that little handy tool and made me some double fold bais tape or binding, I thought a little how to sew bias tape tutorials was in order! The concept isn’t that…

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    How To Use A Bias Tape Maker

    Using a hem tape maker or bias tape can be super tricky sometimes.  I find that my fabric gets stuck, twisted…and over all it’s a big failure.  I have picked up a few things that might be helpful in your journey with bias tape producers. These little metal contraptions can save you a lot of money in the long run…and…

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    How to Bind A Quilt – Corners

    How to bind a quilt– corners! Learn how to bind your quilts at the corners of your quilts…the tricky part. I have seen some wonderful tutorials out there and there is even a series on 7 different ways to bind your quilt {if you sign up for blog updates, you will receive a pdf of all them put together} but…