Quilting Journals & Printables are great for keeping track of your progress, organizing your projects and journaling your process.   There are many options and designs for these and I hope you find the ones that work well for you.  More time sewing, less time searching! This is what it's all about.

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    Free Printable Yardage for making Binding Strips

    Nothing is fun about not having enough fabric yardage for binding strips. I’ve been there before- have the perfect idea of what you are going to use, perfect pattern of fabric, color- you name it, it’s perfect. However, when  you finally get around to making those binding strips, you find out that you don’t have enough….or worse yet, you are…

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    Free Quilt Planner Printables

    Keeping quilt projects and journals all organized can be so hard some times! With a few fun pages though, your projects can become a little less piled and better organized. So you actually will know what you have and where you are at with each page! These free quilt planner printables will get you on the right track.  If you…

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    the Quilting Library

    Already have the password? Access it here: Quilting Resource Library Hey Hey- I keep my downloadable files, patterns, and printables in libraries. My main library, open to anyone, is the free resource library. Inside you’ll find LOTS of good stuff, all related to sewing and quilting— currently there are more than 30 free projects, patterns, and files in there. It’s amazing! This…

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    How to Design your own Quilt Journal

    The Quilt Journal is kind of an important thing. Even saying that….and knowing it, I am not the best at it! I really do have the best intentions, but time and whatever else gets in the way. There is a full quilt journal planner and journal as well as a CLUB that goes along with it.  Those make this journaling…