Buy, Cut, Pin, Stitch, Snip and Wear–Scarf

Buy, Cut, Pin, Stitch, Snip and Wear–Scarf

Finding a scarf for the kids is kind of hard.  There are a lot to choose from, but they fall off, are too long….the list goes on. Oh, and then they don’t wear them.
Using fleece {in totally cool prints}, adding a little loop {so it won’t fall off} is a great solution.
In addition to that, it’s only 4 steps and super quick to make!
4 step fleece scarf tutorial |kids love them! | patchwork posse #winter #scarf #freepattern
Materials Needed: 
2– 6″ Strips of fleece fabric
1– 1″ X 5″ fleece strip {for loop} you can trim off one strip to make this little loop piece
I did mine co-ordinating. You could just do 2 of the same or whatever. Usually fleece comes in a width of 60 inches.
4 step fleece scarf tutorial |kids love them! | patchwork posse #winter #scarf #freepattern

Fleece Scarf Tutorial~ 

1) Cut—  You have a choice here. To cut the length or leave the length. I just had little scraps so mine are around 45 inches long. Measure them on the kiddo before cutting to find the right length.
2) Pin— Fleece is a funny thing. It stretches and lengthens magically. Laying the 2 strips right WRONG sides together pin all the way down and 4 inches up from each edge.
3) Stitch— Sew all the way around the outside edge on both sides. Fleece doesn’t ravel so the raw edges are ok. If you have a fancy cutter you could pink the edges–mine is super dull and i didn’t want to go there.
Pay attention here– At the ENDS–you need to sew 3 inches from the end. This way you can snip those ends and make them tassely!!
To keep this from being a tie mine– scarf I added the loop. This loop is pinned in place 32 inches to 36 inches from one end. I pulled my loop up just a bit to give it some slack before sewing it down. The scarf tuckes in a lot easier when you have a bit more give.  The loop is laid the long way also- so when the scarf is crossed over each other it can jump in the loop easy.
4) Snip— Now go back to those ends and snip them. Yay- tassles.

WEAR— Wrap around your neck and slip one end into the loop on the other end. You can just pull a little to make any adjustments. Depending on their neck area one end might end up longer than the other.

4 step fleece scarf tutorial |kids love them! | patchwork posse #winter #scarf #freepattern
Enjoy— no knots, no dragging, slipping, tripping scarfs. They are doubled up for extra warmth and tuck in that little bit of extra. These 4 are gonna be rolled up into their stockings. I might try one more for the honey. Definitly won’t be in the flame fleece…something mellow, calm, and well kind of boring i guess. He is soooo picky 🙂
note: I used scraps of fleece that I had in my bins. The pieces don’t end up to be the same length so only one of the fleece parts got tassled. It would work a little better if they were the same length, but what do ya do. I just went with the flow and here ya go. Plus these are for 5-11 year olds so they don’t need to be extra long…and they aren’t picky ….or boring.

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    17 December

    Super cute and perfect for that age! I’ll be linking!

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