Go from not knowing where to start and overwhelmed to a simple sequence and knowing if Shopify is right for your business.

There are three reasons why you don't have a shop:

  • Overwhelm of shop options - not sure where to start looking!
  • Not knowing what options you need for the products you sell
  • How to get your shop up and selling after all your research

Before you can even begin building your shop and sell your products you’ll need a plan. A simple plan that doesn’t overwhelm.  It can’t be complicated and full of steps. And you have to be explore the Shopify options even before starting to build your shop.  That’s what the Shopify Blueprint Series is all about.


3 day video series walking you through the Shopify platform & options

  • Day 1 – Introduction to the Shopify platform
  • Day 2 – How to reflect your personal touch and branding 
  • Day 3 – Simple steps to setting up your shop

followed by a ‘what is next’ & expanding your Shopify store even more

Are you ready to: 

  • Explore the Shopify platform options
  • Know exactly what Apps you need to expand your shop
  • Feel confident about using Shopify

hi - I'm Becky

After flipping and building multiple shops on multiple platforms, until I finally found Shopify. 

I’ve taken my experience and knowledge from building WooCommerce, Big Commerce, eJunkie, Big Cartel and more shops and put it into this course– building a Shopify Store.   It’s been by far the best performing shop I have ever built.   

I’m the one that digs for answers, finds the best solutions and experiments with code.  Helping you along the way and finding those solutions that makes sense for what your store needs.

Stop wasting time sorting through the you tube tutorial jungle and join the program that has organized and easy to take action plans.  You’ll learn how to  build a Shopify store that is automated and becomes a great source of income.


This is a quick start resource- with action steps and check lists to make sure you know where you are and move you forward.

Understanding the Shopify platform & how it can sell your products.

By the end, you’ll have a shop that is ready for it’s next step- more  personalization and customization.

The Shopify checklist & quick start guide that will get you started – one step at a time.

– – – – 

You’ll go from no knowledge of Shopify and overwhelmed by the resources to knowing if Shopify is right for you.

This is a quick start resource- with action steps and check lists to make
sure you know where you are and move you forward.

Helping you easily decide if Shopify is right for you.