Take control of your paper stash and build a binder FULL of Quilting Resources you'll use every day

What's Included:

Step by step system of organizing your piles of printed quilt tips, patterns, ect. saving you time and money.

 How to use your binder so you know exactly what you have, so you don’t keep printing off duplicates.

Expanding your binder so you can sew what you have and finish what you’ve started.

This class covers a broad range of things to do that will help anyone to stay on track with their quilting. The Cheat Sheets & additional files are downloadable pdf's you will use over & over, and there are videos to help you see just how they can help you stay on track. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is quilting.

Hi, I'm Becky

I’m founder and pattern designer at Patchwork Posse.

Since beginning my quilting journey, I have become a collector of a paper stash. 

This paper stash is loaded with awesome tips, hints, how to’s, quick sizes of precuts- and of course the endless number of free patterns I have printed. 

These were such an awesome resource, but they quickly became messy and took up all the flat surfaces in my sewing room. 

After fighting them for years – you may relate, I have put together my own personal quilting resource binder. This binder has seriously saved me hours of searching and a lot of money (not spent buying ink and paper for the printer).  I am able to quickly find that machine quilting design I was saving, or how many squares I need to sew for a lap sized quilt or even what size of needle or thread for an embroidery project. 

This has grown into what is now the Stash Paper Bust’n Binder Bootcamp.  

A quick and simple – but effective way to keep track of what you’ve printed, organize your piles of papers and put together a system that will work for you.

Taking care of our piles of papers is one part of our quilting journey- and I hope you find this as helpful as I do.

Who is this for...

  • Anyone who loves finding free printable and patterns. Which is pretty much every quilter.
  • Anyone who is ready to take back their sewing time by having a system for all those pages that you’ve printed
  • Anyone who has stacks and stacks of printed things, but has no idea really what is in the stack or where the last greatest pattern that was printed last week went.
  • Anyone who has possibly started a system but hasn’t kept it up and still wasted time shuffling piles, digging through papers and getting sidetracked while searching the internet to reprint what you can’t find.

More time sewing... less time searching

I love this process, although I am still struggling to keep organized!! I think that it is one of the best for modifying to your individual wants. Being able to print extra pages hits the spot! Keep up the great work and thanks sooo much for getting me on the track to organization.