A Community of Quilters Sewing Together

Go from sewing alone and the same ‘ol patterns, to connecting with other quilters while moving projects forward, exploring new patterns, and celebrating our progress together.

Hi - I'm Becky

I am the quilter, pattern designer, Patchwork Planner maker and driver of the quilting community, the IAQ.  I am a big believer of not sewing alone and that sewing together is better.

My love for fabric and buttons is almost equal to the love of my community of quilters. 

Welcome to my blog where I share quilting basics, how to get started, how to organize your sewing room and projects and offer a few fun free tutorials.   No matter if you are new to quilting, revisiting it or building your passion – I welcome you! 

My goal is to help you become best friends with your sewing machine 🙂 

Quilting 101 blog posts....a great place to start!

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