2018 Printable Quilters Calendar & Planner

2018 Printable Quilters Calendar & Planner

The planner has taken a quick little detour— there is now a calendar!

This is sooo exciting!

You’ll be able to keep track of your projects, progress, monthly calendar and sewing events, special dates and more.  There is even a sticker page!!

Can I quickly share a little backstory?

After putting together the original Patchwork Journal I had kind of dibbled a little bit in the idea of putting something in a hard copy form, but really didn’t know what that looked like.

For the journal, I really loved the concept of having it in pdf form– so I or you was in charge of printing the pages you need and will use. The pages didn’t decide for us and we had total control of building a personalized product.

What it doesn’t have is complete focus. It has sections that cover topics- like organization, a little planning & tracking, and journaling.
It didn’t have a calendar….and while it was added later- it still wasn’t a complete set.

So, this is where the new Patchwork Calendar steps in.

It’s all about the calendar.

It’s focused on your activities during the year, and then breaks them down during the months for you.

It starts with a one page, open box calendar per month that allows you to fill in the details- like sewing day with friends, retreats, quilt groups, when projects need be done by, shop hops…etc.
The following 3 pages are about keeping track of your monthly projects, ideas, notes, materials you need to pick up, due dates, project trackers. You’ll be able to quickly glance through the month, make notes, keep track of projects and make new notes for next month or later in the year if needed.

In addition to the monthly pages, there are a few that cover the year— what are the techniques you’d like to learn, projects you’d like to do, and finished for the year!

This is something that you can look back and see what you’ve accomplished, learned and finished.

…this is not a calendar for your real life with meal planning, chore lists, etc. While you are in control of it and can totally do that if you wish, this is really all about your quilting, sewing and gathering with others who quilt and sew.

It may sound a little bit crazy, but you’ll love how it helps you keep track of your projects, plans and lists all in one spot.

No more digging through the piles of papers to find your notes. No more giving half finished projects or promising to finish gifts.

You’ll be able to keep track on the calendar and year at a glance the projects you have planned, as well as when they are needed by!

Starting today and until Monday night (midnight MST) you have the opportunity to purchase the Patchwork Calendar for:

$16.99 + FREE SHIPPING (US only) + a surprise bundle of goodies

This is a spiral bound book– so you can lay it flat, fold it over and do whatever you’d like to it! It moves with the fabric piles and can handle the weight, chocolate fingers and scissor snips.

It has a laminated cover so it will last the full year and non glossy pages so you can actually write on it.

It has over 30 double sided pages– not too big and not too small. Just right for hauling to retreats or shopping days if you need.

It’s simple in design and function.  Not a lot of extra stuff taking up space and costing more. While it’s not color either, this allows you to put in your own extra creative self.

This weekend we are launching it and giving you the chance to pick it up for a discounted price, plus we’ll send it to you for free and toss in an extra sheet of stickers and a few fun goodies.

Ready to make this year – the year of finishes?

Ready to get your projects in order and on the schedule so you can keep on top of them and actually get them finished on time?

Head on over to pick up your copy before the deal is over!

Delivers by December 20


60 pages
book pages are 8.5 X 11 inches
book weighs 1lbs/848g
inside pages are double sided
cover is laminated
spiral bound – lays open flat
designed, printed and made in the USA

All the pages are again, black and white.  Super simple in design and easy on the printer costs (we’d rather spend money on fabric, right?!)  There are some fun little buttons, needles, bobbins and more for you to color if you’d like.

What the calendar pack doesn’t include— any pages from the planner.  The Patchwork Planner & Journal is filled with tracking sheets, quilt kit building, journaling pages, and supply inventory.  Those organization pages are only found in the planner.  This is all about the year and more specifically projects / calendar per month.

You can find more info on the original planner here:  Patchwork Planner & Journal

Ready to get your year started on the right foot?

Ready to fill in the dates for the next year so you don’t miss that special project, quilt retreat or quilt group meeting?!

Pick up the Patchwork 2018 Calendar here!

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