2018 Patchwork Posse Quilt Retreat Survey

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This past year has gone by fast, and while there has been a lot happening– it seems like it’s been the last month that everything has come to crazy!!!

I got it into my head to design, order and start shipping the Patchwork Journal & Calendar (from start to order, this was literally 3 weeks- crazy), the IAQ online quilt group will open it’s doors in another week (4th year and there is sooo much planned, plus you will actually see the block of the month and other projects that will be happening during the year!- super excited about that preview thing!)….and just when you think there couldn’t be anything additional added to the pile…… wait for it…..

A Quilt Retreat


A Quilt Retreat. 

Did I hear you squeal just a little?!  Maybe that was just me.  

This is gonna be awesome!!!  A real life, in person Quilt Retreat.

You ready to pack your bags?

While I can’t share all the super awesome details, I can share a little bit of info- in return, I would love to hear from you.

First, let me tell you what I do know and while nothing is set in stone- you can get a little idea of what we are thinking-

  • When? Last weekend of September.  The weather is just changing in Utah and there is so many wonderful colors in the mountains to see.  Depending on the weather, which is quite unpredictable in Utah, it might be raining– no biggie, we are inside, it might be super hot– no biggie, we are inside. See where this is going? Nothing will bother us. We will just be sewing and watching the view.  From indoors.
  • Where?  The location chosen will be in a hotel.  That means you can stay where you sew.  The sewing room will be open late and early- so no matter what kind of sewer you are, it will be available. No travel from hotel to sewing spot required.  It also is surrounded – and by that I mean, walk out the door and you are there- shopping, food, dining, movies.  It’s all there and at a 2 minute walk from the hotel.  It’s not crowded either. Plenty of outdoors space to explore and enjoy while you are there.
  • How Long? This will be a Thursday, Friday and Saturday event.  There might be an early set up time Wednesday(still checking on that) so we can just get to sewing on Thursday.  During the day there will be a quilt project.  In the evening we will enjoy a trunk show and desert bar. Friday will be filled with more sewing and a guest teacher (still working on the details here, but believe me you will love it!), and Saturday will be a free sewing day- you choose to finish up the quilts from the previous days or work on the Sampler of 2018 or pick something of your own.
  • What Will I Make and Learn? The patterns will be exclusive to the retreat. They will be in the realm of easy to intermediate – great for any level of quilter.  Since they haven’t been decided on quite yet, we won’t be able to tell you if they include any additional techniques.  Just know they will be beautiful and fun to sew!
  • Who are the Teachers? Becky Jorgensen will be the main teacher. She has taught at quilt guilds and quilt shops, you are in for a treat!  Plus, we will be inviting another teacher for the one day work shop and evening trunk show.
  • What Will the Food Be Like? You won’t go hungry!  There are many options to choose from directly next to the hotel as well as what we will provide during the day.  The meals included haven’t been quite set yet, but we are aware of the importance of this — you will not be disappointed.  And, I almost forgot- breakfast is included at the hotel if you are staying there as well.
  • Where Will I Stay? Right in the hotel upstairs!  No travel is needed beyond your arrival.
  • If you can quickly take a minute to fill out the form and let us know how you feel about quilt retreats, what you look forward to, what you dislike….we would really appreciate it.I have been to quite a few retreats and have held small friend overnighters, but this is kind of bigger….and I want to make sure that I am on the same page as everyone else.

    The Retreat and all it’s details will be announced the end of January.

    There is a lot of planning between now and then to get through, so your thoughts and notes are super helpful.


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