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    Mile a Minute Quilt Video

    It’s time for the Mile a Minute Quilt…… So- you have this mongo pile of fabric scraps and you aren’t really sure what to do with them. They don’t make sense.  They are not equal in size or shape. They are kind of all over the place. A mile a minute quilt can be the answer!  They aren’t hard and…

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    Patchwork Posse Youtube Channel

    This have been a long time coming. I have seriously been putting this off for wayyyy too long. I’m not the biggest fan of the video recorder.  I pretty much try to ignore things like that when they show up and cameras as well….but after thinking for a little bit about it and deciding what kind of was next in…

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    Shark Crafts for Shark Week

    Shark Crafts –yes, it’s such a thing. This is the week where I hide my eyes…but watch at the same time the shark week shows. Not sure why, but these are so interestingly scary! One of the boys loves sharks…so we are always hanging about the topic checking out what’s new. I think what interests me the most about the…

  • sewing with vinyl hints and tips plus a video

    Tips for Sewing with Vinyl + Video

    Sewing with vinyl can be tricky!  with a capitol T. Are you like me? Do you find your sewing machine foot just loves to stick to the vinyl.  Not move.  Get all gummed up and then you end up pulling the vinyl with your other hand trying to coax it through the feed dogs area? Not the funnest thing on…

  • clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse

    20 + Clear Bag Tutorials

    I’m a big fan of clear bags.  They come in so handy! Seriously.   I don’t think that there is a limit to how many you can have at one time. These clear bag tutorials will help you get your sewing notions and kits organized and —since they have clear vinyl you can see right inside and know quickly what’s…

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    Alys – the Backstory

    Today’s story is from Ayls-  (she is a member of www.quilt-group.com) I came to quilting in the 70s when the parent group for the school in which I taught decided to make a raffle quilt to raise money for the school. I worked on two blocks for that quilt and decided that I would like to do more quilting. Books…

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    Single Fold Hem Or Binding Tutorial

    In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to make a single fold hem. It’s super easy and great for finishing simple projects. Today I thought I would share a quick video tutorial showing you how to sew a single fold hem.  There are times when this method is needed. When you are stitching with fabric that doesn’t fray (or you…

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    Helen of Bustle and Sew – Guest Designer

    Guest Designer // Helen of Bustle and Sews Helen is the guest designer for this month in the Quilt-Group.   I’m totally excited to introduce her. She is one talented gal who is an artist along with her quilting.  The pattern she is sharing -Bee Sweet- is only available to members.  Join here if you’d like to have access to it +…