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    April – the Backstory

    Today is April’s backstory– Christmas Eve 2014 we were at my in-laws’ celebrating the holiday and everybody was sitting around the tree opening presents from the mother and father-in-law. My gift from them got passed over and it was heavy. I opened it in utter shock and disbelief. A sewing machine????? Shock again. A sewing machine???? Why in the h*ll…

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    Craft and DIY Podcasts

    Giving you something to listen to while sewing. Are you a listener or a watcher….or are you a loner? I’m kind of the loner type. I don’t watch anything while sewing, but do listen. Occasionally. After signing up for a spot on Abby’s podcast for the quilt group — I was hooked.  I’m a chatter and this fit right into…

  • postage stamp mini quilt tutorial great for scraps

    How to make your own Grid Foundation for Quilts

    This month in the quilt group we are working on a little doll quilt- the Honey Bun Doll quilt.   It’s soo cute and simple and uses those small mini charm packs— The process is pretty simple and can save you a lot of headache because it keeps your fabrics right where you place them! How many times have you…

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    Packing for a Sewing Retreat

    I do enjoy myself a little getaway.  One that is with a few friends who quilt as well is the best kind. Over this past weekend I snuck away from the family and headed 3 hours away where there is no t.v…..just power for your sewing machine. Putting together a list each time you go is such a pain!  There…

  • led sewing machine light strip - great for under your sewing machine!

    Sewing Machine LED lighting kit

    This is one of those times when I say to myself…..why.  Why didn’t I do this earlier! I am really blind.  Light blind.  Dark places are not my friend. This little kit — the LED lighting kit by inspired led is the best thing on the planet right now! Let me show it off to you and help you decide…

  • Bee Sweet Placemat pattern for the online quilt group. join now to have access! www.quilt-group.com
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    Jacquelynne Steves – Guest Designer

    Jacquelynne is the guest designer for this month in the Quilt-Group.   I’m totally excited to introduce her. She is one talented gal who is an artist along with her quilting.  The pattern she is sharing -Bee Sweet- is only available to members.  Join here if you’d like to have access to it + more projects than you have time.…