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    Mothers Day Gift Guide for the Quilter

    *this post may contain affiliate links. which means, if you use it to buy something I get a little fabric money. thank you! I get it. Mother’s aren’t the easiest to buy for. I may or may not have become one of those….. Toss in a hobby that our lives run around and I’m pretty sure we run up there…

  • microwave sewing projects - toasty food not fingers. Quick projects - great for beginners too!

    Microwave Projects you can Sew

    There is nothing fun about getting burned. I have to admit that I’m a little afraid of my oven.  Not the biggest fan of the racks, heat and that big door that seems to jump at my elbows when ever it can! No matter how many times I use it I always forget that it’s hot.  The steam always rushes…

  • keep your quilts from being stolen - learn 3 tricks to help keep your quilts safe.

    Keeping your Quilts from Being Stolen

    Have you ever heard of a quilt being stolen?   Even typing that in gives me the willies and makes me sad.  It’s not something that we like to talk about or hear about. It happens more than you think. And not just from the quilt store.  Most often they are stolen from bathrooms (you know those super cute little…

  • What's on your fabric bolt? Learn what means what!

    What’s on the Fabric Bolt

    When I go to the fabric store, sometimes I totally get overwhelmed with all the colors, styles, designs and patterns.  I mean, there is a lot there! So much to take in. For the most part, I go off of looking, touching and hauling around more bolts than I really have plans on cutting a piece and buying. I have…

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    Pillowcase roll tutorial

    As you can see from the fabric, these were made a while back. For Christmas. This Pillowcase is not just for the holidays only – though it would make a nice Mother’s Day present. Every year we swap our favorite things (my sister, mom and sister in laws).  This year I choose to make everyone a new pillowcase.  Because having…

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    Karen – the Backstory

    Meet my mother. Karen. A month ago she presented a trunk show at her mother’s rest home.  Her mother (my grandmother) is 94.  She had all of her friends come to see the trunk show and show off her daughter’s talent. I loved sitting in the back and listening to the stories.  Each quilt of course had it’s own.  There…

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    The Backstory Series

    After starting the quilt guild a year ago and meeting others from around the world in the community, I came to idea that there is really A LOT of stories here. This is really part of the reason that I started it.  I love the community aspect of quilt groups, but find that my schedule with 4 kids and the…