• free star wars patterns - great for mega fans! plushies, quilts and more!

    Free Star Wars Sewing Patterns

    After reminding ourselves the past couple of weeks how awesome the original Star Wars Movies are…..we went to the newest one.  While I won’t give any hints or give anything away, it’s good. But for now, I’m sure there are more than just me that love Star Wars.  There are some of us who have sewn a few things to…

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    Matchbook Needle Keeper Tutorial

    A needle keeper is something that we as stitchers need.  They come in handy– I am always on the hunt for needles.  They get lost and set aside and yeah- you probably can relate. So- here’s a quick little project that allows you to make a few of these….keep them in every corner of the house, in the car, purse,…

  • Dolls & Plushies,  Patterns

    Swaddle Baby Doll Pattern

    Little dolls are one of my favorite things to sew.  This little swaddle baby doll pattern is simple and sweet. It really is a one hour sewing project.  There are no arms or legs and a little quilted blankie is used for the body shape. The face is sewn underneath the quilt, so she or he looks all snuggled and…

  • Bags,  Tutorial

    Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial

    I’m a sucker for bags.  Little bag– that you can sew, double sucker!  This little simple cinch gift bag is perfect for anything.  Toss in a little gift, stocking stuffer, present for a friend, little surprise for the kids…. you name it. The additional option to personalize the front with an iron on image is a great addition as well.…

  • sewing project for your kitchen time to make it look cute
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    5 Sewing Projects for the Kitchen

    When I move to a new house I get all antsy about what I have…. most of the time I am tired of my old stuff and want something new!  Clean napkins.  New tablecloths or other fun projects that just help the room feel put together and finished. If you feel like that too– whether you have moved or not,…